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  1. Joey, Thanks for all of the clarifications - I was in a real bad cell phone reception area that day, so I was not able to get 100% percent of our conversation. Do you have any pictures of the breaching attachment? Man, I can wait until my dealer receives my M4 - the excitement is killing me...
  2. One more thing - where can I order the "Kip's shorty tube" from and how much do they run? Thanks, Man, I love having a new project to work on!
  3. Once the out of state dealer ships my M4, he will send me the serial number. From there I will have to do the following: -Passport Photos -Fill out the Form 1 application -Fill out the Certification of Compliance -Make an appointment with Chief of Police for finger prints cards Once I have received my M4 verify the serial number, complete my appointment with the Chief of Police, make copies of everything, and send out the forms and Uncle Sugars $200 ck. There are lots of things I can do prior to the M4 arriving - I'm a planner!
  4. Sounds like to me that the BBL work will be completed long before the ATF F-1 approvals have been completed. Regarding the choke, Joey said that the 14" bbl will have the same matching specs as the 18.5" bbl - crowned and all of needed machine work to make them identical.
  5. Ok, so this is what I have so far: Joey from King Armory ( http://www.kingarmory.com/ ) 520-450-0678 called me today and we discussed what is needed to SBS a Benelli M4 - by the way Joey was very helpful and explained everything in detail. - Send in factory BBL with your info and work to be done - Cut, bbl from 18.5" to 14" - Relocate from site and other parts - re-attach weld / soldering etc - Machine BBL to accept Benelli choke tubes - and all of the special work that is needed. - Re-coat BBL - Laser engrave BBL for NFA Form-1 information BBL will be shipped back to
  6. They may not have the proper materials, but can they recommend someone that can do the work?
  7. Did you send them any photo's of the receiver for reference? Some times a picture can speak volumes! Could you post a picture for all of us to see as well?
  8. From what I have gathered, the BBL work and all was a cheaper option as compared to outright buying a factory 14" BBL - go figure. As soon as I get some feedback from KingArmory I will let everyone know. Do I hear " Group Buy " ?
  9. That's the one I have been losing sleep over - It's amazing! I did send them a email last week inquiring about that very build - I'm still waiting on a reply. That SBS is " The one ":D Any idea on cost and BBL lenght?
  10. I should be receiving my new Benelli M4 sometime next week and I'm already looking at a chop / cut rebuild & must have accessories. One thing I would like to do is Form-1 the M4 to a SBS and I need a gunsmith who can cut the bbl, move the sights, and re-attach everything as needed. Any suggestions or directions are greatly appreciated! Thanks
  11. That's what I was thinking as well, but if it's a 12.5" SBS maybe it will lift and swing as needed?
  12. I miss my days of pig hunting in Alabama! Shot a few smalls ones - 50 - 75lbs - the little one make for some good eats!
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