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  1. Thanks 12508, have bought the 13mm, I'll be socketing this eve
  2. As above can anyone tell me what size socket is required to remove the retaining bolt on a benelli supernova pistol grip stock? I know I will need a deep socket, but I'm not sure whether it is a 13mm socket. Stage 1 of the stock reduction project has been hampered by me only having short sockets Thanks in advance.
  3. thanks for the help lads i didn't click on a state on the map so didn't bring up the contact form. thanks for helping
  4. Thanks Jack, but I'm after an email addy if possible. Can be a pain to call the US from the UK. Easier to email. Thanks for the assist tho
  5. Hi there does anyone have an email contact for benelli usa or even the Italian location? There's no addy on their site and the Italian contact form doesn't seem to work. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi there any chance you can help point me to the other post with more detailed on this mod? thank you
  7. well done, keep practising and your m4 will just hit everything you look at over the barrel
  8. are they comfortec ones, will they fit a supernova? will you ship to the UK?
  9. if you're really struggling pay for a couple of lessons at your club, absolutely worth the money. much easier for a good teacher to see what you may be doing wrong
  10. Well done Spike, made my post make a bit more sense. Cheers Godd luck with your clays BL.
  11. Always keep your barrel moving and follow through. Don't stop your barrel moving once you've pulled the trigger. Aim with the end of your barrel and keep your eye on the target. If you have issues, try shutting one eye to remove any dominant eye issues. My mate spent a while with a coach and was advised to shut his non-dominant left eye when he aimed and it has improved his clay and bird scores. Good luck, practice makes perfect
  12. A lot of our police are starting to carry tasers now. Our gun laws are very restrictive. We have no concept of armed defence in the UK. Firearms and shotguns are purely for sporting or pest control purpose. I've got both the 2+1 and the 8+1 versions (M2 and supernova), plus other shotties for clays and birds, as well as several firearms including a 303 and 223. There are guidelines to follow over here, but if you have good reason to want to own the gun the police will usually have to grant you a licence. Even those with old or non-relevant convictions can apply and may get a licence. We can't carry our guns just anywhere and we can't leave them out in our houses; they must either be in use, being cleaned or locked up securely. Even my wife can't have access to my guns and I can't have access to hers. My relatives in south africa have an easier time, but they routinely carry over there because of the very high incidents of violent crime. Life is cheap and bad guys often have nothing to lose. Handgun crime over here has dramatically increased since the handgun ban, so the banning of all handguns, even 22lr (not air pistols) hasn't made any difference to the criminals. I wish we had access to all of the extras you have in the us. We have to pay silly money for all the us stuff if we can get it. Oh well, at least the weather over here is like Florida.
  13. Not wishing to hijack the thread, but is it easy to put ghost sights on a field barrel? Are there any aftermarket kits that don't require smithing? I have the field sn with the factory pistol grip, but wondered about ghost sights for clays and foxes.
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