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  1. During a snow storm, it was a white out
  2. ok so easier to remove and looks cool, wow and fore what a bigger price im still not compleatly convinced but i honestly dont know so maby maby not
  3. ok so if the length of the barrel dosent really have anything to do with carrying the pellets any further or keeping your pattern any tighter fore longer it just helps your aim point ,or seight plane , what exactly does an Extended choke do compared to a flush choke ,are there any advantiges
  4. and not trashing other countries:mad: thats not like you Tucker
  5. If you pick and choose some topics they arnt always talking trash and putting down my country,and other peoples ideas some of them actually have some good info on benellis and other interesting topics i think they just need to get out and hunt or kill something its been to long stay with it there are a lot of people here with a lot of knolidge
  6. My self i like them coming down doing SUMMERSAULTS ill stick to the 3.5:D
  7. leftie

    cool lookin

    so if you put a big mole on her nose and saggy boobs and a beer gut THAT would attractive
  8. leftie

    cool lookin

    if you think that looks like a boy you have issues , o well each there own
  9. leftie


    wow great boat i bet sheel go places good luck ,dont overheat that SBEII BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM OOPs i mean BOOM BOOM BOOM forgot the plug
  10. leftie

    cool lookin

    your either half BLIND or GAY
  11. 3.5 GET ER DONE The first time
  12. I also am left handed and baught the m2 a year ago i have traded it in fore the superblack eagle I hunt a lot of water foul and shoot every weekend at the club either trap,skeet ,or sporting clays its an aussem gun ,what will you be hunting water foul or turkey i would sugest the black eagle but i would imagine there will be several people jump all over this , in the end there both great guns ,. good luck
  13. I dont recall anyone saying you MUST shoot a 3.5 that is an option that is there and if there are more pellets well it betters your chances ,but some people say that a 20 gaudge is all you need well thats another opinion ,ultamitly its the individuals choice what he prefers , myself i like the 3.5 i dont always use it BUT its there when you want it ,and again that is just my opuinion
  14. I should try a 20 ga with lead i hear that works good to (out of season) on ducks:D
  15. I second that and also Because we can
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