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  1. Hey Tucker, you want a debate or not? You treated a new member like an ass then got away with your bs because of a mod. You want a debate I would be happy to accomadate. You are a tool buddy. Were you the one posting the nude pics of himself also? Please accept. Not looking at your gay porn or computer virus link. If you would care to shoot or spar, that would be great also. Plenty of room, trap range in the back yard, gloves & head gear if you want it. Clowns like you need some reality.
  2. PS I also have plenty of links to load data for the 20ga. Pm me if you are interested.
  3. Big Al, congrats on the new gun. A 20 ga Cordoba is a great choice for doves. I shoot a 20 Legacy with 7/8oz loads for doves and it is sweet. I grew up on a .410 with a full choke for doves and much prefer the 20ga guns for most everything. Welcome to the forums & happy hunting with the new gun. Apologies for Tuckers rude post. He is not reflective of most members.
  4. Sorry, closed due to censorship:confused:
  5. Hey asswipe. I saw your prickish post to the member who bought a new 20 ga. for doves and almost commented on it. You are such a smug prick it is almost beyond belief. You want to debate Obama with facts and his administration with facts....bring it on. Your race baiting, moronic comments will not go unchallenged by me, and I imagine a few others here. As an independent voter your comments are extremely offensive and your smug bs makes me want to puke. Educate yourself Tucker. I would be more than happy to set you up with many links if you are objective. Given your post
  6. I had read this earlier and really enjoyed the part about the horriffic screams heard by the neighbors. Good riddance. Give the kid a tax credit for saving us a bunch of money and more victims of the ex scumbag.
  7. I really like those little Springfields. How does that feel with the Hogue grip compared to the commander framed guns when shooting? I always feel like I need something more to hang onto with those short .45's. That laser sighted Kimber looks interesting too. Very impressive collection;)that.
  8. That was my brother's first gun as a cop in San Jose.
  9. For ergonomics and just plain "damn that feels good" & shootability in a trim package, I love the Browning Hi-Power. I picked one up when I was about 9 years old and it kind of set the standard. Properly tuned they can't be beat if you want a good double stack 9mm and prefer the simplicity & superior trigger on a single action auto. I have a Tangfoglio Elite Match in .38 Super that I also love for the crazy firpower (20rds fully loaded), great trigger and sheer smoothness when cycling fast. I have a Smith mod 41 .22 auto and both guns regularly hit golf balls for plinking out to 2
  10. She's a bigamist then. I sent that pic to Francis some time ago.
  11. I bet he's waxing it right now & can't respond:D.
  12. Frankie, give me a call if you got the thing. Just finishing the painting off today so if I don't hear the phone I'll give you a call back later. If you send that out to me I'll take some decent pics of it for you:p Maybe check the point of impact too...
  13. Take a look at the scaled down Franchi 20ga & the (unfortunately regular lop) 28ga guns. A lightweight gas operated 28 ga would be tough to beat for a young girl. An argument can be made for the 20ga over growing into it, but if was my little girl I'd seriously consider the 28 & look into a spare buttstock as she grows with the gun (along with the newer recoil absorbent pads). Quite a few makers use a scaled down reciever on the 28ga also.
  14. Sticking to your options Noob, I like the .45 auto personally for inside the house. Mobility and the free hand are more important to me for a nightstand type weapon than the firepower of the shotgun. I keep a .357 handy also because my wife is not comfortable enough for me with my single action auto's. I like the simplicity of the revolver and keep the first couple cylinders loaded with shotshells for small pest control in the front yard and use it regularly for that. I have a 12ga for any looking around the property loaded with 000 buck. Outside your choices...I keep a Tangfo
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