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Tim Neitzke

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  1. Tim Neitzke

    Another choke ?

    Thanks, I have been having puter troubles.I hope when I get my new internet service,I can research more.
  2. Tim Neitzke

    3" or 3.5"

    I thinking of a new autoloader. I field hunt Canada geese.My previous gun was a 3.5",and it gave me troubles. Does a 3.5" really offer that much more? I've heard they don't pattern aswell as 3" guns. With all the new ammo I was thinking maybe a 3" is just as good. Now I know a close range,probably no diff. However for those birds that don't commit too the spread;ranges are a bit longer. What do you guys think?
  3. Tim Neitzke

    Another choke ?

    If I get a choke for my Super Nova,will it fit a SBE2 or a M2 ? Just in case I get one down the road. Tim
  4. Tim Neitzke

    chokes what's the diff

    Hello everyone! I'm new here and new to Benelli in general. It's my understanding that Benelli has used 2 diff choke systems. What are the diff between them and how do you tell them apart. Just wanted to know so I don't get the wrong style if I'm buying or tradeing chokes. Thanks....The new guy.