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  1. I have for sale an excellent condition M4 standard stock. Price is $140 shipped CONUS. IM in interested. Thanks!
  2. Selling my Benelli M4 standard stock. These are rather hard to come by, so if you want one here's your chance. Excellent condition. Price is $160 shipped. No trades. IM if interested.
  3. TheRapture is good to go - deal in confidence with him. Picked one up from him back in September....
  4. Does anyone know if Benelli will sell the pistol grip assembly 117J as a spare/replacement part? This is just the pistol grip portion for the collapsible stock.... Thanks in advance.
  5. I already had the Aimpoint ML2 in hand, and the total weight would be about 6ozs saved, so right now I don't see the benefit in spending another $600 to save 6oz. For the question about the shell carrier and clearance issue: I tried to check it with my Comp M4 mount, but didn't want to remove my Aimpoint since I've alredy mounted and loctited it in place. The thumbscrew looks like it will clear, but no more than a few thousands of an inch, and only if you mount between the Sidearmor and shell carrier mounting points - there's apprx a 1.5 inch space when the thumbscrew could be placed. Hope that makes sense....
  6. Managed to get my Benelli a little closer to its final configuration. Added the newer Sidearmor rail system, eight round sidesaddle, Sidearmor Aimpoint mount, Aimpoint Comp ML2, and a collapsible buttstock. I'll probably end up getting a SA two round holder and still need to figure out what light to throw on it. So far so good....
  7. Glad to hear you picked one up. Great price with the rebate as well. Remember you can always Form 1 it in the future....
  8. Coolness is one thing, but do you really have a need for a 14" SBS? I only ask this since if you have a choice between the two, I'd go with the full length M4. First being enhanced mag capacity and second being sight radius and range for blasting with slugs. I have a 14" M1S90 - while it is cool and all, it's usefullness is really limited. I call it a 50yd and under blaster with slugs, but am also just running rifle sights on it. Also have a full size M1S90, so I have a few things to compare it with. If I was forced to have one, it would be my full size M4, not the SBS. If you have the coin there's no reason you couldn't get both (like I did), but for just one go full size.
  9. Yeah, it's the standard, non-pistol grip "sporting" stock. I'm running a sporting stock on my 18" M1S90 and a pistol grip on my 14" M1S90. The LOP is too long on both, and the CS fits well in the middle pos. I'll need to shoot with the CS some more, but more than likely I'll put it up for sale. Seems there is no shortage of demand for them on the board. I would keep the standard stock if I could get the LOP chopped some, but I don't want to hack it up attempting to do so....
  10. Finally decided to purchase and install the collapsible stock. I was uncertain at first due to the fact that I was running a standard stock, and it seem to work fine, but running the CS in the middle position makes the LOP much more user friendly. I'll need some more range time before I decide one way or the other, but looks like I'll be dumping that standard stock....
  11. krecon1

    New member w/ new M4

    Congrats on the purchase - I just picked my M4 up last weekend.
  12. Has anyone seen and/or used the B&T M1S90 handguard rail P/N BT21561? If so, what were your thoughts? Was it solid enough and did not move under recoil - any negative effect on the functioning? http://www.dsarms.com/Benelli-M1-Super-90-Quad-Rail-Handguard---BT21561/productinfo/BT21561/
  13. More fun blasting in the desert! I added you as a friend and sub’d over on YouTube – Hurricane810kr.
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