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  1. Hmmm. What's the best way of repairing light marks from mounting accessories?
  2. Just as the title say. I just need to know what the factory finish is on an m4. Thx
  3. Shawtgun

    M4 Porn

    Now that's a shorty..... Any shorter and you might as well have a pocket full of M80's and throw em at your threat.
  4. Not sure if you got my PM but shoot me an email @ [email protected] I've got a sidearmor mod3 rail system for sale.
  5. Shawtgun

    M4 Porn

    Very nice set up!! Honestly, my back is hurting just thinking of the weight of that puppy fully loaded. All I put on mine was a sidearmor rail system and I'm already debating on taking it off due to the added weight. I even went the route of changing the magazine tube to titanium one. I found that when using my shorty all decked out for 3 gun, I find myself slowing my transitions between targets. I know how tacti-cool it is to dress our guns and all but lately I've been asking myself the question wether I'm being a tacti-fool by losing a bit of functionality. But it sure is fun having people w
  6. Shawtgun

    M4 Porn

    Ditto on that. I've tried most of those you mention and still I always come back to the factory one.
  7. That's a great idea! Why the **** didn't I think of that?!? Lol. I'm going to give it a try next trip to the range and see what happens. I think I would save a about 10 grams in the whole scheme of things.
  8. Here's a sample of me doing a typical rapid fire run without issues. I do know that I can run these puppies faster if it would allow me.
  9. I actually have 3 m4's. I have a standard 18.5" m4 hat suffers the same cycling issue and noticed that its happened lately with the rapid fire runs. One of my entry models also gets tripped up on the 3rd shot. The other entry model hasn't been shot yet. I've looked at videos going back almost two years and its pretty noticeable how much faster I run these guns.
  10. Shawtgun

    M4 Porn

    Nice pair!!! Here's mine:
  11. Well that answered that. lol SD you just saved me a $150 in trial and error process with that trigger kit. I guess I'll try various lubricants to see what works.
  12. I just ran into this trigger package. http://freedomfightertactical.com/products-page/922r-compliant-trigger-parts/the-freedom-fighter-tactical-922r-compliant-trigger-package/ im wondering if this whole package has an improved trigger reset compared to the OEM one. Anyone have any experience with this kit?
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