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  1. Yeah those shouldn't be set screws.
  2. Ah, missed that. I wish the m-lok slots were higher up on the truckee forend. I think I'll wait for the m4a1 forend to come out from benelli
  3. http://dissidentarms.com/index.php/product/benelli-m4-m-lok-handguard-briley/ So for I like the look of this option... with what appears to be some stipling along the sides.
  4. Sure... it's just for price negotiations... sounds like a trust worthy fellow that is well informed.
  5. I'm not a lawyer... but as far as I'm aware no one has been prosecuted under 922® compliance. If it was originally an LE gun I think you're fine. If the prior owner replaced the parts I'd have some serious evidence that it wasn't you that changed parts... that can be a very tricky thing to prove... and try to pin on the previous owner. 922® compliance matters as a law... and if for some reason your weapon is confiscated I'm sure non-compliance would be added to the charges. It's pretty easy to say if only matter for price negotiations when you're not looking at a federal prosecutor. But I tend to play it safe with firearm regulations.
  6. Ah, good points. No idea how much, or if, the airtech limbsavers are improved. Cheers
  7. You'd have to drill through the plate and pad so that your c-stock would collapse, like that StrangerDanger has done for a while. If you have the tactical pg or field stock then that part doesn't matter... but you have to buy the plate.
  8. Scout_21

    Carriercomp Tube

    Wow... any word on getting back into other m4 products?
  9. Any sane person would see that Evolution... he posted issues with his gun and didn't mention them in a sales thread. A "lie of omission" and now he's obsessed with winning for some strange reason...
  10. Hahahaha... sure keep giving away guns and call it winning
  11. Hahaha, this guy thinks he "won" by selling a gun and parts for far less than he paid. I haven't met a guy that thinks blowing $1000 is "winning" before...
  12. How is full disclosure "crapping on your" sales thread... with that attitude I'm happy you're out of the M4 world
  13. Scout_21

    Loose Rib ???!!!

    I wouldn't expect benelli to change the bead... as they sell those parts aftermarket. But I WOULD expect them to correct the loose rib. Sounds like something got lost from the customer service to the repair shop. Can you not replace the beads on carbon fiber ribs? Is your shotgun like this from the vid?
  14. I really like Vang Comp''s velco carrier. You'd just need to buy some self adhesive velcro loop (I think it's loop) and adhere that to the side of your receiver. Just but the "spare" or "extra" carriers from vang comp, or brownells. It's a nice light system!
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