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  1. Am I wrong in remembering the only staked pieces are on the barrel for the ejection spring?
  2. I've used Benelli for my SBS forms. Companies get bought out but it'd be hard to retroactively change the engraving on your receiver
  3. I think that post might have referred to a cut 18.5" barrel and not the oem entry barrel from benelli. They both flare out and get thicker toward the muzzle and if you chopped an 18.5" barrel it would be in the middle "thinner" section.
  4. Not useful right now... but perhaps in the future http://coatingtechnologiesllc.com/robar-closure/
  5. RTV is "Room temp vulcanization" Refers to a silicone sealant used for gasket making on engine parts like oil and transmission pans as well as many other uses. JB weld makes one in black...but there are many other brands.
  6. Looks like that would work... but I'd seek out longer screws to make up for the amount of spacers used.
  7. Or just go SBS and both the AVA and IWC mounts put the light right up close to the end of the barrel 😉
  8. Any good machine shop with proper cnc machines could duplicate the designs... but hopefully no good machine shop would be so horrible as to reproduce someone else's work without properly compensating them.
  9. I'd try a choke thread chaser (should be on the other end of your choke wrench) and start using a choke grease to prevent moisture from getting in there. Depending on how bad the choke is I'd either just buy a new one or try a more aggressive rust removing chemical... but I'd lean towards the new choke.
  10. If it worked before sending it in then it seems like the problem is with the shop you used then...
  11. I've had good luck with the 8 pellet 00 buck rounds. Might be work getting a box and seeing if that works for you. At least you'll have lots of training rounds to use...
  12. Ah you're right... no armorlube on aluminum... Poly-t2 does seem like a viable alternative
  13. Yeah, if you really want to fix it look at cerakoting like Stranger Danger or perhaps Armor Lube by Robar. I'm looking at armor lubing (strange verb) my m3 by them as the forend wore through the anodizing pretty quickly on my reciever.
  14. Learn to embrace the scratches. Otherwise aluminum black by birchwood casey is an ok touch up but it can get rubbed off easily enough.. Keep in mind this is an oxidizer and not a paint.
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