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  1. I used a blow torch by inserting it in the area that would normally be occupied by the lifter and heating up the inside of the magazine tube where it is threaded into the receiver. It took a bit to position everything. I heated it up in "pulses" to not over heat one area but once it started smoking, like Sukhoi said whisps, I was able to unscrew the tube. No discoloration or damage to the receiver in my case.
  2. Do you mean chokes like these: https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/83012SS Or is the barrel externally threaded?
  3. There are other vendors now. StrangerDanger is working with one of those that now provide NP3+ coatings
  4. I did call up benelli and ask them about the MOD choke specifically for the m4. They guy said it was to balance the use of buckshot, birdshot, and slugs. Puzzled about that answer I inquired about the statement on their website and he said if you shoot a lot of slugs (not sure exactly what a lot is) then switch to CYL or IMP CYL. Back when I had changeable choke tubes I just left the MOD in there as I use both buck and slugs. Granted I didn't use the more exotic slugs out there that are steel with polymer rings on them. I did use the hardened brenneke slugs at times and had no problems. Brenneke does recommend an IMP CYL choke for accuracy but state most of theirs, except the sabot slugs, can be used with any choke https://www.brennekeusa.com/service/faq/
  5. I bought it from Unobtanium on these forums a few years back. Haven't seen any for sale lately...but then again I haven't really been looking
  6. It really depends on the slug. See the recommendation by the manufacturer. Nearly every foster slug I've seen can be shot through a FULL choke... I've shot hundreds though my modified with no problems. If you get peace of mind by purchasing a cyl or imp cyl choke tube go for it. I've since moved on to integrally choke barrels by benelli (their oem sbs and mil spec 18.5")
  7. Meh, he thought "good" red dots operated with laser diodes... not sure how much more wrong he could be given the battery longevity facts.
  8. H2O is water ...🤣 But like Evolution said the NP3 coating is an upgrade for both friction reduction and corrosion resistance. StrangerDanger is (or will be?) working with the coating company that ROBAR used. It's a bit complicated but ROBAR and the coating company had the same parent owner (I think) but the gun specific company closed up shop this summer. I think it was a good deal to get it all at once coated and everything...but for just cerakote it doesn't seem worth is unless you REALLY like that specific color. Stranger Danger used a really cool bronze color when he refinished his well used m4.
  9. I'm.... not going to touch that with a ten foot pole... that's camo painted with a punisher skull
  10. No worries. I don’t think I was disproven about the laser aspect in HWS. I suppose it comes down to how a laser is defined. I was relying on the coherent (laser) vs incoherent (led) light source used to project a hologram. Both sources use diodes but it may be that the lines are blurred as technology progresses. Red dot vs HWS are different systems though at least through the magnification aspect and the front glass piece of a true HWS is for protection and isn’t needed for the sight to operate.
  11. I thought that's why eotech didn't come out with a green reticle until recently even though cheap green led based sights were popping up on the market. The green eotechs also have a shorter run time (600 vs 1000 hrs) compared to the red laser diode based systems. More energy needed to run that diode for that wavelength
  12. https://www.worldstartech.com/products/laser-modules/green-laser-modules/ I guess I'm confused?
  13. Oh yes, the light collection based trijicons (and other makers) sometimes they have an led as a backup. I suppose that brings up the more inclusive "reflex sight" terminology
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