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  1. It functions well as a blunt device to strike an enemy
  2. I thought Beretta was the parent company
  3. I'd be interested in that lighter knurling option... too many times it bites too much into my gloves or hand and almost comes out of the bolt carrier if the knurling is on the heavier side
  4. Agree with Dkay... though I prefer vangcomp's elastic. Holds well without being too tight
  5. Oh, Yes I did the +2 but with the benelli extension. I ordered the tube you mentioned in another post but I just know that the plastic parts are going to be melted when removing my original tube.... sigh
  6. Oh yeah https://www.mesatactical.com/products/sureshell-carrier-and-rail-for-ben-m2-tactical-4-shell-12-ga-4-1-2-in.html But I do the velcro side saddle with the vangcomp to slim down the profile when needed...and just four screws are holding all of that in the aluminum receiver...but it it works for the m2 it should work for the m3
  7. Oh, I used the m2 receiver rail...but it's hard to find right now https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/61193 If you're ok with non-oem parts then there are a few different makers of m2 rails... I have a spare mesa tactical one but am attempting to locate the screws
  8. those bumps should be plastic or rubber inserts. I have a newer m3 as well and they are drilled and taped under the inserts. I found it easiest to take apart the gun and use a small piece of plastic or wood to push them out from the inside...with the help of a flashlight
  9. Just curious if anyone knows of a really good anodizer. I've read good things about USAnodizing but they don't seem to be taking orders from individuals right now...
  10. I believe they thought this forum is something benelli customer service frequents... best thing to do would be to call them... but they would probably only have records on which distributor received the firearm from them.
  11. Well the bolt does need to be in before attaching the barrel... I generally don't have it cocked when sliding the barrel in though.
  12. Like others I wouldn't be too concerned... there will eventually be a fair amount of wear in that area and other parts. I don't see this being a huge issue as that's where the bolt carrier will be operating. StrangerDanger would probably know best with his knowledge of many m4s... I just have two at this point Otherwise maybe just check the pins in the bolt carrier and manually push it against the rear to see if it slides easily. Check to make sure the "tail" is seated against spring piston and before you put in the bolt handle. But please to be careful with fingers as things can pinch and the receiver extension spring can be quite stiff.
  13. Almost like new. Installed once but attempting to custom 3d print nylon w cf handguards so not really needed. There are two small points of loss of plating in front of the front of the left side screw (see pics). Comes with installed magpul type 1 rail covers and an additional box of uncut rail covers (total additional worth ~$30) Asking $220 shipped in the US.
  14. I think he means the receiver bambi. I've seen that wear on the new ones... not sure if bambi's exhibits the receiver wear too
  15. FYI https://scalarworks.com/shop/integral-mounts/sync-02/
  16. Scout_21

    Some R&D

    Well that's just awesome. Great to be able to adjust LOP a bit more depending on clothing
  17. Yeah I bought replacement plastic parts and the ring as it did take a fair amount of heat to break the red loctite loose and those parts got burnt in the process.
  18. Yeah that's pretty immature customer service...sad really. All he'd have to do is post a few images that shows the variations of the recoil tubes or have a disclaimer that they need to be oiled first.
  19. Sure... I just don't feel like doing that.
  20. I have an 8" version I'd sell. Mostly due to the fact it interferes with my AVA light mount. I have black magpul type 1 rail covers filled in to it except for the slot that holds a stage saver and the very top mlok and very forward rail sections. PM me if interested
  21. Scout_21

    11722 question

    I've been shooting all sorts of slugs through mine for 6+ years now... I'm sure I tried the PDX at some point. No problems at all
  22. The 10403 fits the collapsible stock but there is no airtech equivalent https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1999/2905/files/2018_Recoil_Pad_Cross_Reference.pdf?14668201401536722633 You'd need to do a noveske plate adapter hack and use the 10807
  23. There's nothing wrong with the 1301 after the fixes to the bolt release... considered getting one myself but found a sbs m4 for a good price. I'm not a 3 gunner but it makes sense if you want a gas powered 3 gun shotgun
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