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  1. The 10403 fits the collapsible stock but there is no airtech equivalent https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1999/2905/files/2018_Recoil_Pad_Cross_Reference.pdf?14668201401536722633 You'd need to do a noveske plate adapter hack and use the 10807
  2. There's nothing wrong with the 1301 after the fixes to the bolt release... considered getting one myself but found a sbs m4 for a good price. I'm not a 3 gunner but it makes sense if you want a gas powered 3 gun shotgun
  3. Same thing happened during the 2012 panic buying. They've never made them for individual resale (AFAIK) but a few always seem to make it out of the LE distribution lines. Some sellers will make it seem like an item is limited or no longer available so they can bump up their prices. I can't say if the seller is telling the full truth or not as I have no way to verify their information but I'm not aware of any plans to discontinue m4 shotguns. Keep in mind the benelli italy defense (http://www.benellidefence.it/products) page shows the m4 with the supernova collapsible stock so maybe that is what the seller is referring to.
  4. I contacted them a week or two ago and they hope to bring back the micro version by the end of the year. Fingers crossed. As much as I like the trijicon option (and savings) I like everything sealed due to the amount of rain I experience...
  5. The IWC mount is rather nice... and there's also the briley m-lok forend option now too.
  6. Yeah I know these are hard to come by... just crossing my fingers
  7. Oh yeah. I just got some velcro brand industrial 2" loop https://www.amazon.com/VELCRO-Brand-Industrial-Fasteners-Professional/dp/B00006RSP1 Cut it to size (and left a little notch for the trigger group retaining pin) and applied it. I cleaned the side of my receiver with alcohol or acetone before hand and have had no problems.
  8. my preference are the vang comp elastic holders https://vangcomp.com/product/vcs-detachable-side-ammunition-extra-carrier/ Just seem to have the best hold/release of any elastic ones I've used
  9. I do... Did it to save a bit of weight and have one less component with corrosion issues to worry about... that being said it's still a chunk of change that really doesn't offer much enhanced functionality. Top notch machining and finishing though.
  10. https://asgarddefense.com/ They made those aluminum two shot shell holders that mount on pic rails... they've been busy with their new shotgun platform but it couldn't hurt to call them I suppose
  11. Because they weren't there when the bulge happened...the barrels are tested and proofed before being sent out and that's all the information they really have to go on.
  12. Scout_21

    Pissed off

    That was awfully nice of remington... but I can see how benelli wouldn't want the liability of returning a repaired damaged barrel. They have no idea how the damage occurred and it's a bit much to expect non-destructive testing. I certainly don't expect a company to fix something I damaged through my own negligence.
  13. The original H2O was np3 coated which provided some additional benefits over a cerakote. Unfortunately they shifted over to a more cosmetic finish. If you like the FDE go for it.
  14. I’ll give you three fiddy
  15. Indeed! That’s more than I spent on the M4 itself
  16. No, it's someone trying to test the market limit for a no longer available item.
  17. Why not just get the limbsaver model that already fits benelli stocks?
  18. I didn't especially like the idea of bear defense with a bolt action rifle or pump shotgun. Did some research and decided the m4 seemed like the most reliable system for the loads I would be using... and the rest (and another m4 and an m3) is history
  19. I like Nordic Components charging handles where the piece itself is just a solid chunk of steel but it lacks the "bumps" allowing it to rotate. https://www.brownells.com/shotgun-parts/bolt-parts/bolt-handles/shotgun-speed-bolt-handle-prod40367.aspx Is that option 3?
  20. Welcome! Get more credit cards
  21. I used a blow torch by inserting it in the area that would normally be occupied by the lifter and heating up the inside of the magazine tube where it is threaded into the receiver. It took a bit to position everything. I heated it up in "pulses" to not over heat one area but once it started smoking, like Sukhoi said whisps, I was able to unscrew the tube. No discoloration or damage to the receiver in my case.
  22. Nice bike... but this is the Benelli firearms forum.
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