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  1. Ordered mine on 2/20 and waiting semi-impatiently.....
  2. I'm surprised that the patrol vehicles don't come equipped with universal mounts. Hey, atleast you have a nice tax write off this year. I
  3. Wow! Quick turn around. Good for you. Supposedly the M4's are more readily available for a fast turn around on order due the price tag. From what I'm told the Mossberg and Remington tactical shotguns have a longer wait time because there is a greater demand.
  4. Awesome! Did you order it with the standard traditional stock or the pistol grip stock? How well does it fit in the patrol car mount?
  5. Thank you for the input guys, that gave me some insight as to timeframes to be expected. I didn't mean a custom order when I said special order. I just meant ordered specialy for me.
  6. Check out the holographic type sights before you order the T1. I prefer them to mount on a shotgun. Its really all personal preferences. Go to the local gun shop and test everything on your actual rifle then go from there.
  7. I ordered an M4 with the traditional tactical stock and I was just curious if anyone is familiar with the average current waiting time? Does anyone else have an M4 without the pistolgrip stock? I usually prefer the traditional stock over the pistolgrip types but I may order an additional one so I have the option.
  8. Hello, just a formal introduction. I've been lurking around the sight for some time and finally decided to "pull the trigger" and order an M4. I can't wait to fire it. I have zero prior experience with Benelli and I'm look ing forward to the day that I get that call that its in stock. I was sold when I saw one on display at a local shop but by the time I ran to my little anti-wife stash and made it back to the store it was gone!
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