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  1. +1. I tried a year ago or so. You need your agency to sign off on department letterhead that this will be used for LE/Duty use. Basically never going to happen for most LEO's
  2. I recently put a Dave's Metal Works full-length mag tube on my M4. Finish is pretty much similar to the OEM finish of the barrel.
  3. Now what happens if you install a C-stock with pistol grip?
  4. This came on a shotgun I recently purchased. I have since removed this item and installed a full length mag tube. I no longer have a need for this extension. I am selling the extension with an extended spring that will hold extra rounds in your M4 no problem. TacStar +2 Extension with Spring = $40 shipped (or best offer) (Like New Condition) EDIT: $30 SHIPPED
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