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    I'm a native Floridian, cowboy shooter, bird hunter, skeet and sporting clays shooter and firearm collector. I have had benelli's for a while, SBE II, Super Sport, and a 20ga Montefeltro. I recently acquired an H&K MI which brought me to this forum. Now I have the M4 11707 and am wanting to get it up to that old MI round wise.
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    shooting, gun collecting, motorcycling ST1300
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  1. I've read about that also but my SBE II always has cycled almost all rounds except some very low power 7/8 and 1 oz loads that I use in my 100 year old model 97 cowboy action shotgun. SBE II is the best all around shotgun IMO.
  2. Two generations The old and the new and improved
  3. Strange times indeed. If someone offered me that much for mine I would have to think hard to convince myself not to do it. Makes me wonder what I could get for my HK M1. I'll say this though, about a month ago I traded 400 rds of 223 ammo to a LGS for a S&W MOD 27-2 3.5 inch even. Strange times!
  4. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1959[/ATTACH]My M4 with new CC mag tube. I like it just like this. Here it is with his older brother. He's from Chantilly VA, and he holds 7 in the tube of anything. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1960[/ATTACH]
  5. Yes, cc tube and follower, some shells I could get 7 in but not the winchesters and I have a lot of it so that is why I did it. The original spring is shorter but it works fine.
  6. Welcome, I've had mine since November. It took 3 months to get my tube and I ordered it just before the panic. I went with the Geissele hammer instead of the forend for my three parts. The tube change out is easy.
  7. I've never had any 1 1/8 oz load of any kind not cycle in my SBE II. Now anything less than that is hit or miss. I use mine mostly dove hunting. I consider it my best all around Benelli.
  8. I am proud to announce that my carrier comp magazine tube finally arrived after being ordered 11-28-2012. I think I was caught up in the panic storm. I am very pleased with the tube although I could not get 7 winchester 2 3/4 00B in it with the spring provided it, but with my original spring in all is well. With my Geissele hammer in and the CC follower I am happy and I think LEGAL.
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