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  1. Glad all 4 of my kids were schooled at home! Public education is nothing more than another way for the government to brainwash kids to the progressive leftist agenda. Oh, and they can also use them to keep track of their parents too.
  2. Thanks, I went for the titanium version. I'll post up when I get it installed and let you know how it works and post up some pics. It was a toss up between CC and FFT but in the end I decided to go with a company local to me here in CA.
  3. Just wanted to introduce myself since joining the forum the other day. Recently purchased a new M4 and started searching for information on upgrading it and found you guys. Thank you for all the great information here. Anyways, already started the upgrades with a FFT ti charging handle and all I can say is what an improvement over the stock handle! I've also ordered a full length mag tube from Todd also and due to all the craziness going on right now it's back ordered several months. I'll be installing a Surefire picatiny forend and US made follower to keep things compliant. I know it looks like all the other stock M4's out there but I'm including a pic of the gun as it is now because we all like pics:o Thanks again and cheers!
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