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  1. I asked them a couple of years ago and they said they had no plans to. So I ended up just buying the whole rifle. Nice shooter and very accurate. Also, I have a .30-06 and .300 wm barrel for my wooden model but only keep the .30-06 on and haven't shot the .300 in years. I don't like to go to the range to resight it in, but admittedly when I used to swap out the barrels, both zeroed at the same point.
  2. You have to pull out the bolt throw. Just wiggle it while pulling on it and it will come out. Then the bolt won’t be blocked from sliding out the back of the barrel.
  3. The Benelli store on their website should have them. I recently saw the .308 barrel listed there.
  4. I have a 15 year old R1 in .30-06 with wood stock, blued barrel. It has the 20” barrel and is extremely accurate. I also have it in .300 win mag and .338. The .30’s are old and have the crio treated barrels which never change poi even when extremely hot. The .338 is newer with the black barrel and not as accurate. Something changed since the original barrels were made. My point is that the R1 pro looks a lot like the original and I would buy it if I were looking for another .30-06. Given how much Italians like the .30-06, I would bet the entire platform was Originally based on that cartridge.
  5. Thanks. It’s been a ridiculously expensive trial and error process. The Hornady 185 grain gmx’s aren’t terrible either. The 225 grain barnes and trophy copper are all over the paper. The Hornady’s are really pleasant to shoot, but not as tight groups as the barnes 210. I’m not a small guy or recoil sensitive, but maybe the extra recoil on the 225 grainers are just past my shooting ability. Two of my hunting buddies just bought Weatherby Mark V’s in 6.5-300. They are getting really accurate results with the Weatherby ammo in 127 grain barnes LRX. An amazing rifle and cartridge. I hate shoo
  6. Ok, finally got it dialed in using 210 grain barnes vor-tx ttsx ammo. Shooting sub-moa, so I’m goin to stock up on that ammo. Also, for entertainment purposes, here’s a 150 lb. sow I shot with the .338 R1 at about 150 yards. Back i February. This was using the 200 grain Hornady sst ammo. Needless to say, there was no tracking involved. The shot was clean, quartering away behind the shoulder, so no meat was wasted nor did the overkill bullet obliterate her.
  7. You sure its not the recoil spring in the tube in the buttstock? The spring part appears to be the same for all R1’s, and I can’t believe the recoil spring constant is the same for your .308 as it is for my .338 win mag.
  8. Does it matter that much, since the safety is just a button on the trigger assembly?
  9. I was actually thinking that. Does your R1 have the comfortech stock? My .300 has the wooden stock and recoil with 180’s is quite sharp. My .338 has the comfortech, and it soaks up the recoil some. They are finicky on ammo. If you really want to shoot 180’s (I would), I’d keep trying other stuff. Then go down to 165’s.
  10. That seems unusual, but not impossible. My .300wm and .30-06 R1 barrels love the 180’s in most flavors. Maybe try 200’s, since it’s a moose gun? I’ve also had good success with 165’s, like fusions, blue box, and hornady interbond and interlock. All 3 of my R1 barrels hate copper and other non-toxic bullets however. Once you find the happy load for it, you will be satisfied. It can be an expensive experiment though.
  11. My .300wm is threaded for a muzzle brake, but now I’m entertaining the idea of a supressor on it.
  12. Shoots great using hornady superformance 200 grain sst’s. Copper ammo and 225 grain core-lokts, not so much (see my other post about non-lead ammo). Comfortech is nice with the .338, but still has a whallop. Less recoil than my .300 win mag wood stock R1 for sure.
  13. Thanks Thunder. I’ve found that my rifles made in Europe don’t like the non-lead bullets. Three R1’s(.30-06, .300wm, .338) browning bar .308, and winchester .308 and .338wm made by FN. All have mediocre and/or inconsistent groups using barnes, trophy copper, and gmx ammo. I bet if I reloaded, i could dial them in. I’m getting sub 1” at 100 yards using .338 wm 200 grain superformance sst’s. The .30-06 and .300 wm R1 are over 12 years old and I get very good results with 180 grain bullets (Hornady interbond, federal blue box soft points, and fusions).
  14. I know this is a long shot shot on this deader-than-dead forum, but I can’t get my .338 wm R1 to get decent groups (<1” at 50 yards) with 210 gr. Barnes, .225 gr. Federeal trophy copper, or 185 gr. Hornady gmx. All three shoot radically different groups - all mediocre. I had my barrel cryo treated again at 300 below, and it seems to allow me to shoot about 10 shots now before the barrel heat affects accuracy as opposed to 3-4 shots with factory barrel. Thats not the issue though, I just cant get decent groups with any non-lead ammo that I can find regularly. Buffalo bore makes 250 gr barnes
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