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  1. I have a Benelli SBE II 12/28 LH I purchased new. Its 3 years old. I shoot only Skeet & Trap with it. I've shot several cases of shells with it. Lately (last 9 months or so), its been misfiring about 1 in 50 shells. When this happens, I eject the shell, examine it, reload it and on the 2nd trigger pull it fires - everytime. When examining the shell that misfires, the firing pin mark on the primer is very light. When this shell fires on the second try, the firing pin mark is deep like all the other shells that fired correctly. I only use fresh Federal or Winchester 2-3/4", #8, 1-1/
  2. I also have the same problem on my brand new LH SBE II I paid $1650 for. Contacted Benelli a number of times and ways. Waiting for a reply. My gun came with no spacers or rings for the forend.
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