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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all. After waiting a few moths, I was finally able to find a Performance Shop Extended Bolt Release for my SBE 2. It is part number Benelli part number 60004. It came with no instruction. However, I did know how to remove the stock bolt release from the receiver and have done so. The problem now is the the the button on the Performance Shop bolt release is to large to fit in the receiver hole. Has anyone installed this part before? Does the button unscrew from the assembly for installation? Any help would be appreciated.!
  2. I have a Benelli SBE II 12/28 LH I purchased new. Its 3 years old. I shoot only Skeet & Trap with it. I've shot several cases of shells with it. Lately (last 9 months or so), its been misfiring about 1 in 50 shells. When this happens, I eject the shell, examine it, reload it and on the 2nd trigger pull it fires - everytime. When examining the shell that misfires, the firing pin mark on the primer is very light. When this shell fires on the second try, the firing pin mark is deep like all the other shells that fired correctly. I only use fresh Federal or Winchester 2-3/4", #8, 1-1/
  3. Does anyone have any problems with assembling a SBE II? I'm use to assembling Browning autos and recently bought the SBE II. It seems to be a pain in the butt to get the barrel back on it, even after reading the instructions which I have NEVER had to do before with any other gun! I love the SBE II, but would appreciate anyone's advice for the proper/EASY way to get the barrel back on following dissassembly.
  4. Anyone have a used 24" barrel for sale or want to trade for 26". Have a black M2 and black SBEII. Thanks
  5. Hi ! I need to know the barrel measurement of the SBE 2 (28'', 26'' or 24'')like this picture. Thanks ! [ATTACH=CONFIG]986[/ATTACH]
  6. I am thinking of buying the Franchi I-12 and wanted to see what anyone who has one thinks. I really like the Benelli SBE 2 and M2 but there is a big price difference between that and the Franchi I-12. Is the Franchi a good gun? how does it compare? How is the recoil? I am looking to buy a 26" barrel 12 gauge. Thanks
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