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  1. I am a big SBE fan, however the paint is not durable as some say. I have had my gun for a month been on 5 hunts with it and the condition of the paint looks to be 5 years old. Now, don't get me wrong I don't baby my guns, nor do I baby my SBE, but for the money, you would think Benelli would have chosen a company that had a durable paint finish. Now my gun does not show wear on the stock but on the wear surfaces (barrel ring, ejector opening,forend,) You would think that they would make these surfaces more durable.
  2. I tried to post pics but the forum will not let me .
  3. At least you got one of those! I still do not how to get one those for my gun.
  4. Ok, I am at my wits end. The gun has been shot six times and on it's second forend. The original forend that came with the gun was loose. Very loose. Went through customer service and had asked me the standard questions, do you have all the barrel rings, is the barrel flush etc. etc. So long story short, Benelli sends me a new one. I install the new forend and problem solved, the forend tightens up. Well, better than it was orginally. I can still feel movement. Now, when I look down the barrel at the forend around the barrel ring, there is a gap. And if I twist the forend to the left
  5. For the life of me , I can not figure out why my forearm is loose. The barrel is seated flush , all of the washers are in the forearm, and yet no matter how tight I lock down the barrel, the forearm can be moved side to side. Should I ask for a replacement????
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