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  1. Well I guess if you complain enough you get stuff done... I emailed Benelli's CS and they finally got back to me today... I gave them my serial number and they informed me that they were infact re camoing my SBE's stock! Woohoo!! So Ill have my gun back in a few weeks!
  2. Yea mudhen u did...but I NEVER used deet on me or around this gun! I understand that this is a working gun, and I use it and treat it like wise... But I also used my Nova the same way! For those who mentioned I should return the gun to the retailer that I bought it from... I'm one step ahead of you! As soon as I get my gun back from Benelli, and they havnt done anything with it again, I'm driving out to Reno and returning it to Cabela's and telling them I'm not 100% satisfied with my purchase! Ill get them to deal with Benelli and ill get a new gun from Cabela's!
  3. Thanks tucker for putting that link on there!
  4. My camo paint finish didn't last one duck hunting season. While my 10yr old Nova looks newer then my year old SBEII. The finish would wrinkle and show small air pockets under the finish... If you search my posts you can find my post about camo finish and see the pictures I've posted earlier. The big air pockets now look like watered down camo where they used to be. The gunsmith did some type of test with the finish and it showed no signs of peeling. And said all paint wear was "normal wear n tear" I'm sorry a shotgun used for ONE season should NOT look like mine does! It should not
  5. Well thanks tucker!! I read that too, but I figured since they are obvisously not answering their phones and doing their jobs and returning customers concerning phone calls. I figure they might just be staring at their computer screens and just might see this... I've also since this post have emailed their CS team my concerns. So well see what becomes of this... My luck I won't hear anything...
  6. It must be missing because I haven't seen it at all!! Recently I had my SBE2 sent back for what I believed was a manufactured defect in my camo paint finish. I sent it in and got a generic letter saying they received my gun and will contact me if its not under warrenty... Well a few weeks later and after 3 phone calls (which were never returned) my gun was shipped back to me and nothing was done to it! I called some higher up about my guns problems and he agreed to look at it himself, n to have it shipped back. I then finally got a call from customer service! Tellin m
  7. hey mudhen im hunter2good on the refuge forum... the pics looks like air pockets, the rippling just below the cheak pad has worn down smooth... the pockets on the top of the stock are gone, but others have come about. i have yet to use any deet or bug spray hunting... CS has informed me not to use it. well see what happens, i have this feeling, the longer i use the gun the less the problems will show...
  8. Yes, but they said to hold on to it til the end of the season, and then send it back. I'm worried that the rippling will wear off n then they'll just say its normal wear n tear, and not fix it.
  9. Somebody mentioned I could send the pics to CS, is that a possibility?
  10. i have some good pics that you can see some bubbling and ripples in the finish... some one mentioned that i could send them to CS? how do i do that? my worry is that if i wait til the end of the season i might wear out the ripples and get em down to paint, and then have benelli say that there are no ripples and that finish is normal wear and tear... check em out and let me know what you think!!
  11. I'm not wipin the gun down w/ CLP, I clean the insides w/ it! I wipe down the outside w/ a towel... Well see if they fix it, they may see it as no fault n not do anything but ship it back
  12. Hey guys, thanks for the responses! I just got off the phone with CS, and the rep told me that finish isn't usually covered under warrenty, but they go by case by case. She said to keep my gun til the end of the season, and then send it in, and if they find it faulty they will replace it! It hasn't sat out at all, I clean it regularly with CLP. The bubbles are not very big, they look more like dark spots. I thought it was mud, but I licked my finger and wiped it down n it just seemed to barley get rid of it, then I looked at it again when dry and it looked the same as before! Its all on t
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