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  1. Interesting!!! Have you tried Brenneke slugs?? I heard they were great, but now the company is putting out some crap. Not sure why. R.
  2. Another question for you guys. As far as accuracy what's the main difference between a Slug with Trueball and one with none. R.
  3. Great, that's what I was looking for. An thank you for the above, I learned something new. R.
  4. And that's what I'm looking for more or less, a guide line. Like what TruckCop mentioned above 3" at 50. I got a lot of tactical training with assault rifles, pistols and sniper systems, and they all have a standard so to speak. A good weapon with a good shooter can show how accurate a system is. On ****** ssytems the best shooters in the world just can't be accurate with it. The system wont allow it.
  5. So then does the rifling on the slug do anythin to force a spin on the slug to help it stabilize?
  6. No that's not true at all. Sniper rifles have accuracy standards so why would it be completely out of the question to think shotguns and some of its ammo are that much differenet. Granted most shoot much better than that, but there's a standard or baseline so to speak. Same can be said about about shooters, meaning the if one is shooting 1 moa with said rifle that's said to be the standard.
  7. Sorry, i should ahve clarified. I use Federal rifled tactical slugs.
  8. I did not know that about the shotgun. Meaning it starts the recoil process before the slug is out. Being that the slug is rifled and not the barrel how stable is a slug on a 14" system? Does the slug get pushed down the barrel faster than it can establish a good spin? I just cant see the slug getting a good bite on a smooth bore if you know what i mean. R.
  9. Really?!?!? wow that's significant for just a bit of grease and some shooting. I'll give that a try. thanks R.
  10. Another quick question. What's the standard accuracy for a 14" shotgun with rifled slugs?? Thanks R.
  11. Hey guys, Anyone know if a SBS trigger can be worked on to lighten up a little bit. I was zeroing my Benelli with slugs and the trigger is mighty tight. Thanks R.
  12. rickp1

    M4 safety swap

    Its my understanding that the safety on an M4 can be swapped for us south paws. If so, anyone know how to do it or know where I can read how to do it? thanks R.
  13. you still have this for sale? If you do do you have any images, if in goos shape I'll take it but I would like to see it first please. shoot me an email at [email protected]
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