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  1. Picked up an M4 a while back and finally got around to shooting it. The problem I'm having is that with rifled slugs it is shooting 18" high at 50 yards and I'm out of adjustment. Anyone else experience a similar problem?
  2. I have a two round extention on my M4 and use the stock spring. I have experienced no issues with it.
  3. I have a KZ Benelli M1 / M4 2-Loop Sling Adapter I would sell. I bought it for my M4 and the fit and finish is great, but it interferes with my collapsible stock. I installed it, but never used it with a sling. You can view it at their website. If your interested, you can have it for it for $15 shipped. - Jamie
  4. A friend of mine ordered two on Monday and got them on Friday. The total price shipped was $470 for both. He didn't bother to tell me about it until today! I paid more elsewhere! If you want one, it's worth a shot. It's NOT a price mistake.
  5. I've been dealing with Botach for over ten years for both personal orders and LE agency orders. I have always been very satisfied. I've heard the same bad reviews, but have never had a bad experience in dozens of orders. The one issue I have encountered is that their website is not always up to date. Items listed may or may not be available.
  6. If you think that's low, I just found them on Botach Tactical for $225.00 plus shipping.
  7. I have one Benelli M4 collapsible stock left. The price is $449 shipped to your door in the CONUS. Thanks, Jamie
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