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  1. I "think" I understand it now, I "think". 922r only comes into play if you add an extended magazine tube, then you must exchange enough other Benelli factory parts, with U.S. made parts, to get it back into compliance with 922r specs. Or just buy a M4 H2o and not worry about anything, except your intelligence, for spending so much for a shotgun.
  2. Now I am confused. I can not buy this 11721 because it is 922r NON compliant, but an LEO / Military / Agency can because they are exempt from 922r, so how does it become 922r compliant, when the LEO / Military / Agency sells it to me? Same gun, same parts, except "I" am not exempt, from being 922r compliant. What am I missing? What is 922R? Title 18 of the US Code (18 USC), Chapter 44 Section 922 provides guidance on unlawful acts as they relate to firearms. You can read the text of the law by clicking here. Section 922 Paragraph R states: "It shall be unlawful f
  3. What would really be nice, is a list of "U.S. made" parts, and where you could order them. I know, I know, I am asking a lot, but it would be nice!
  4. I know this model is LEO / Military sales only, but let's say "hypothetically" one came up for sale from a LEO or Military personel. What can a civilian do to make it legal to own, according to 922r, within reason. I know a person can just go spend 2400 bucks and get an H2o, or a civilian 11707 model and then spend ANOTHER 750 bucks on a stock and extended tube, but within reason, can a model 11721 ever be made 922r compliant? I want it! [ATTACH=CONFIG]1576[/ATTACH]
  5. Seriously? HELELL NO! NOT A GOOD DEAL AT ALL! Send me his contact information so I can straighten him out.
  6. 1st auction ended with a winning bid of $3025.00 OMG! I want one, but not THAT much!
  7. I am VERY sorry I just now found your message. I obviously have not been here in a while. To answer your question, no it is not still for sale.

    I again apologize for not finding your question sooner.


  8. Panama, Is your M1 still for sale?

  9. Ghost ring sights, all factory equipment, except for a single point sling attachment. The tactical light in picture is NOT included. Runs perfectly, ONLY selling to help fund an M4 upgrade $850.00 plus actual shipping cost to your FFL from Indiana eight one two-seven nine seven-two seven nine nine
  10. Well I just couldn't any longer, I picked up a GG&G rear mount for 25 bucks of of Ebay.
  11. Anyone have an extra laying around? Looked at the GG&G, is there anything better? It looks alright, just a wee bit bigger than necessary, maybe? Plus, how can something that small be worth soooo much $$ ? Any suggestions? I have an Urban ERT sling that can be used as a single or double point sling. I would just like the option to go single point if I want to.
  12. Thanks for the information, I will pass it along!
  13. Anyone, have an extra sling plate or know where to buy one?
  14. I sold my M1 Super 90 standard grip stock and replaced it with a pistol grip stock. The person that bought my standard grip stock needs a sling plate. I used mine on my new stock, so I don't have one to give him. Anybody have an extra sling plate they would be willing to part with? Thanks
  15. I believe an M1 and an M3 are indeed "swapable", but I don't think the M2 and M4 are, but then I am not 100% positive.
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