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  1. Nevermind going to keep it, not sure how to delete this post
  2. Bump, price drop $25 each or $40 for both
  3. Got a .8" AVA ring (no screws) that I don't use and a new take-off m4 forend for sale. Ring-$30 shipped Forend-$30 shipped
  4. I got mine from Botach.com, they had a great sale on them
  5. I have a tan Mesa stock that is slightly lighter than Magpul FDE but I don't think it would match up with the cerakote M4, doesn't really answer your question but Mesa makes the only tan stock that I'm aware of.
  6. Haha! I love this thread, Sizemore had his M3 in pump mode too I believe, he brought down the thunder on that dude in the truck
  7. Daryl needed a SOE chest rig, I didn't see him with any extra shells
  8. Looking to trade my execellent condition .8 ring for a 1" ring or just buy a 1" ring
  9. I bought a AVA mount from a guy on AR 15.com, it's the 0.8" ring and I was looking for suggestions on what light would go good with that mount, do they only accept surefire lights? I was thinking about a streamlight. Thanks in advance
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