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  1. Sorry T.S. they both sold together about 1 hour after I made my last post.
  2. Sorry for the late reply Rickbee, glad you found one. I do have the two stocks still, and I'm reducing the price to $50.00 ea. plus S/H if anyone else needs one.
  3. I have 2 of these stocks, both are new and both are black. I'm dropping the price to $75.00 ea. plus shipping.
  4. Barrel will be sold to first person that contacts me and sends payment.
  5. Contact me at 724-815-5698 between 8:00am-10:00pm est.
  6. It is off a M1014. And you can get parts through a benelli dealer. Also your M4 parts should work fine.
  7. Thanks for the info Duggan, it's always good to be better informed on the weapons we have. Sorry for not having my sh-t strait in this post. And if anyone is interested I'm reducing the price to $500.00 Thanks again!
  8. Why were the 4 port replaced by the 2 port?
  9. I have a new never used M4 pistol grip stock ( solid fixed type ) for sale for $100.00 + shipping. I'm not sure how to post pics on this site? If anyone is interested I can send picture's to your e-mail add. Also was wondering if anyone could tell me if M4 stocks are compatible with M2 or M3? I did a quick search here and it seems the M1 and M4 won't swap, but not sure about M2 and M3. Any help would great!
  10. I would give it a 9 or 10 with NO scratches only a light scuff or two where grips contact barrel. ( cant be seen with grips on ) I can send pics to a e-mail add, just not sure how to post them here yet? Yes it does come with front sight complete. Thanks for the reply TS.
  11. Rare!!! Brand new, Never fired, Benelli M1014/M4 Limited Edition 18.5" Barrel. Barrel has the 2 gas port system for low recoil loads. And is a smooth bore modified choke dia. with no wrenches or chokes to mess with, or threads to worry about! This is a Very Rare M1014 Combat Barrel!!! And it will work on the M4. This barrel does not come with pistons..., or sling attachment and clip! I'm asking $700.00 plus shipping, O.B.O. Thanks Guys. Shoot strait and keep your powder dry.
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