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Found 19 results

  1. I have a cantilever rifled slug barrel for the Benelli Nova. It is 12 gauge and comes with the Weaver 1.5 X 3 Scope. The barrel is Advantage Camo and is Like New. I bought this barrel new from Gander Mountain about 10 years ago and do not have the box it was in. I will sell for $ 300.00 firm. If interested send me a reply. Thanks.
  2. Recently purchased a used 12 gauge nova from a pawn shop. Was cycling rounds through it after I brought it home and noticed the pump does not lock when the gun isn’t cocked. Might sound weird but if I pump it once the action stays in place like it’s supposed to. But if I fire it the pump wants slide back on it’s own. It’s annoying because I have to hold the slide up while chambering the first round otherwise the slide is too far down to insert the first shell into the tube. Any ideas on what it could be? Wondering if I should try to take it back?? Thanks for the input.
  3. Breacher


    Can any recommend a good pistol grip for a Nova?
  4. Hey all, I've been having an issue with my Nova for a while now that I chalked up to user error (not sliding it back all the way, etc), but it happened quite a bit today for two different shooters, so thought I'd follow up here and see what people think. The problem is that the bolt appears to be binding up when feeding a cartridge from the magazine. The problem case keeps happening when shooting clays. I've put well over 1000 rounds of 2 3/4" target load through the gun by manually loading the cartridges into the ejection port over the past couple of years without a single malfunction. It only seems to happen when feeding a new cartridge from the magazine after ejecting a spent cartridge. Today, both me and a friend were shooting clays, and were uncharacteristically shooting a lot of doubles. Out of 10 doubles, 2 of them jammed up on the second cartridge. A jam once in a while seems unavoidable, but 20% in one day seems awfully high, especially when I saw that my friend definitely got the slide all the way back when it jammed on him. What appears to be happening is that the bolt is getting wedged about halfway forward somehow. I say this because the forearm won't slide forwards or back, and it's really hard to get the front trigger guard pin out. It feels like the bolt or a forearm rail is wedged up against the trigger guard, placing pressure on the pin so it won't slide out easily. Once I can get the pin out and remove the trigger guard, the bolt frees up and everything is good again. I've tried to recreate this at home with practice rounds, but no matter how much I try, I simply can't. I don't know if it's a function of the rounds I'm using, temperature of the barrel/bolt, speed/force I'm working the action in the excitement of the moment, or what. Right now, my only hypothesis is that somehow one of the rails from the forearm is somehow slipping over the catches on the bolt and wedging the whole mechanism in place. Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. I purchased a Nova Field about a year ago. Recently, I've begun experiencing problems where shells won't feed from the magazine tube after firing a shell loaded directly into the chamber. The metal flange that holds the shells in the magazine (the carrier latch, I believe) doesn't release after firing, thereby preventing the shells from loading (pictured here: http://imgur.com/a/ywwZI). The gun has been cleaned and oiled repeatedly, to no avail. Any thoughts?
  6. I bought a Nova about a year ago for shooting clays, and I've put a couple hundred rounds through it without any problems. But, a couple of weeks ago, the trigger assembly accidentally slipped out of my hand while I was cleaning, and I broke off a small plastic bit that sticks up on the front left of it (see picture, circled in red). [ATTACH=CONFIG]2709[/ATTACH] From what I can tell, this piece of the assembly doesn't actually do anything. It doesn't appear that anything rests on it, slides across it, bumps against it, or has any kind of physical contact. It appears to simply be there for good looks. Can anyone confirm this? That being said, in the past two weeks, I've had some Winchester Super-Target shells (12ga, 2 3/4") jam halfway into the barrel while feeding from both the magazine, and after simply dropping one in during trap shooting. I'd only shot a couple of boxes of these shells before, so I would normally just think that the cheap shells are to blame, but I can't shake this nagging feeling that somehow, that small plastic part is to blame. After extracting the jammed shells, I can see a groove on the front where it caught on something on the way into the barrel and got stuck. So, I'm hoping someone can alleviate my fears, as I'd rather not spend $90 on a new trigger assembly if I don't have to. Have any of you had problems with that brand/make of shells? Does anyone know if that little plastic bit is just there for aesthetics, or does it actually serve some purpose with the shell elevator that's causing my troubles? Thanks in advance!
  7. New to the site,just got my first Benelli , it's a Nova tactical, I am wanting to make her a SBS with a 14" barrel
  8. I would like to have a Benelli Nova owner help me check out a barrel that I purchased from Gunbroker. I purchased this barrel for a gunsmithing project and I need to check the fit by installing it on a Nova action. Are there any Benelli Nova owners in the Rochester NY/ Ontario Co./ Wayne Co. area that could help me out? I could travel to meet at a gun club or local dealer, whichever would be more convenient. If you want to message off list my email is [email protected].. Thank you for any help I may get. midnightrider0996
  9. I bought a Nova at Christmas time and have shot the gun twice putting a total of 200 rounds of #8 federal target load. I store my gun in a hard case and always clean and inspect it before and after each use. The first time I used it I put 100 rounds through it and had no problems. I cleaned it and put it away. Then I went shooting again this month and took the gun out to inspect it before I shot it and everything was good. I put another 100 rounds through it and did not have any problems. Well when I disassembled it to clean it, I noticed a 3'' long crack on the inside of the receiver in between the opposite side of the ejection port and the top of the receiver. The crack is only on the inside and does not go all the way through (no crack on the outside of the receiver). The gun has never been dropped, always stored in a hard case indoors, and has only had light loads shot through it. Is this crack something to worry about or is this common? Im afraid next time i shoot it the receiver is going to blow apart.
  10. SOLD! I have a brand new +3 Nordic Components mag tube extension. I just bought a Supernova Tactical and this +3 sticks out a little to far past the muzzle for me. Gun was never fired with extension installed. $50 shipped to anywhere in the continental 48. Paypal preferred for payment please. I have the threaded nut, cap, tube, and spring as well as original packaging and paperwork. This will fit all nova and supernova shotguns 12 gauge. ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD!
  11. Quick question for the experts here. This is my first experience with the Nova, and when we opened the box, we found the ejector spring and ejector pin were free in the box. I can put them together and the gun ejects shells fine, but the parts list calls for another pin (labelled part #047N). There's no sign of this in the box, and a quick search of Brownell's website doesn't show it. Is this a real part or a phantom part? Thanks for the help.
  12. Hey guys, I just bought my first shotgun, a Benelli Nova, and I plan on doing some skeet and upland hunting. I used to do a decent amount of deer hunting with a Marlin 308 when I lived in Louisiana (most of the hunting was in east Texas), but now I live in Illinois where one can only hunt with a shotgun and was wondering what I could do to improve accuracy other than buying a rifled barrel. Specifically, I was curious to know if anyone had tried using a rifled choke with a sabot round on their Benelli Nova, and if so could they share their set up and experience. Any thoughts on how this compares to using brenneke slugs with no choke? I am planning on buying a couple of boxes of slug and shot to see what the gun likes but I am very interested to hear what experience’s others have had. Thanks for your help!!
  13. I am having an issue with my Nova feeding the next round. When I have a round in the magazine and go to cycle that round into the chamber, the shell elevator does not go all the way down and blocks the round from sliding back onto the elevator so it can be cycled into the chamber. Sometimes I can work the elevator while pumping and sometimes while I do that the round falls out. What is weird, is it seems that when I dry fire the gun and try to cycle a round, everything seems to work fine. I have read a lot about the SuperNova having this issue and I have also read that this is a safety feature with the Nova Pump. Ideas? Help?
  14. Moderators, please remove this extra post
  15. Morning all, I have seen a number of posts on the Limbsaver for the Nova but thought it might be helpful to organize what we know in a single post as well as offer my own review of the system. Purchase: To begin with, when purchasing the limbsaver for the Nova make sure that you buy the correct pad. I recommend checking the templates first in case there are any changes to the product, but I can also tell you that the current Model 10401 fits Nova. If you buy the wrong product you are going to be SOL. I bought mine at BassPro for $50 including tax (a bit expensive but cheaper than the hard to fine comfortech pad from benelli). Install: Limbsaver does not give very good instructions on how to install the pad but it is relatively simple. Remove the stock recoil pad by simply pulling it off. Insert the plastic frame into the stock. This will likely take some time as you have to fiddle with it quite a bit to make it fit right (be careful with the plastic frame, it seems pretty durable but you wouldn’t want to break it). Next, simply place the pad over the frame and use the screws provided to attach it. Make sure you screw it down pretty tight to ensure a good fit. Review: Compared to the BPS and 870 I actually think the nova has some of the worst felt recoil. I have yet to try the supernova or the recoil system. While shooting 3.5” inch shells I found it almost unbearable and more than 250 rounds per day with sporting clays or skeet left my shoulder a bit sore (2.75” 1 1/8 ounce). For me, I have felt a noticeable reduction in recoil felt when using the limbsaver. It is hard for me to quantify how much of a reduction there is, but I can say that I don’t grimace as much when shooting the 3.5” and 3” are extremely easy to handle. Moreover, I do not have even an inkling of sorness after a long day shooting 2.75”. I would recommend it for anyone looking to tame the nova a bit. One word of caution, the pad does extend the LOP quite a bit and if you are sensitive to that I would recommend going a different route. Hope this helps and happy shooting.
  16. i've been turkey hunting for 8 years using my nova 12g. i dont really have a problem dropping turkeys up to 50 yards with winchester super x's but this year i was looking to try a new load. i use a pattern master choke and try to limit my shots to within 30 yards. any suggestions would be great.
  17. OK, I just bought the Benelli Nova with rifle sites, now what? Well, I think the first thing I'm going to add is a mag tube extension. Anyone heard of or any experience with the Choate Machine and Tool products? Particularly, the Choate Mag Extensions?
  18. I'm a Benelli noob so I need some help. I just bought a 26" SuperNova that i'll use as my all around gun. Is the SuperNova drilled and tapped so I can put a scope on for turkey or deer? Or just the steady grip and tactical....? Any other suggestions if its not...
  19. I'm interested in buying my first shotgun, mainly for trap shooting, but I'd also like to be able to hunt with it. I'm basically settled on either the Supernova or the Nova, and as near as I can tell the main difference is the Comfortech stock. How much lighter is the felt recoil on the Supernova than on the Nova? Is it worth the price difference? Again, this will mainly be for trap, so I want to be able to comfortably shoot 100 times or more in a day without killing my shoulder, but, being a grad student, I'd like not to spend too much money.
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