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  1. I ran a SPARC on my Draco and zero problems with it . FWIT Vortex has excellent CS and take care of there products for life ,even if you bought used
  2. Thanks CD for the video, I got in touch with Benelli CS (need to call first thing in the AM to get them) they gave me a RMA to send it in to be repaired(2to 3 weeks). benelligunny diagnose the problem with my Nova. I am lucky since mine is a import I'm covered beyond the 10 yr warranty give by Benelli......
  3. Listen to Benelliigunny he really knows his stuff
  4. Greetings, I am new to Benelli, so I don't really know much on what makes them click per say. My issue I picked up this Nova Tactical that has a extension tube . I have taken her apart clean and lubed ( it appears it was never shot) I can load 7 2 3/4 shells, open the chamber and insert the 8 th. When I go load a shell the one in the chamber ejects the 2nd round shoots out the bottom and when I go to rack it again the 3rd round loads perfectly . can somebody who knows these shotguns please tell me what I am doing wrong, it does the same with 3" as well thanks in advance from a Benelli newbie
  5. New to the site,just got my first Benelli , it's a Nova tactical, I am wanting to make her a SBS with a 14" barrel
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