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  1. UPDATE: since then I have put probably 1000 shells through it and still haven't had any problems. The crack hasn't grown any more either. I think the crack is normal and it doesn't effect the strength of the receiver due to it having a steel skeleton under the polymer. Great gun, 100% reliable.
  2. I bought a Nova at Christmas time and have shot the gun twice putting a total of 200 rounds of #8 federal target load. I store my gun in a hard case and always clean and inspect it before and after each use. The first time I used it I put 100 rounds through it and had no problems. I cleaned it and put it away. Then I went shooting again this month and took the gun out to inspect it before I shot it and everything was good. I put another 100 rounds through it and did not have any problems. Well when I disassembled it to clean it, I noticed a 3'' long crack on the inside of the receiver i
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