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Found 6 results

  1. I have a 12ga Performance Shop SuperSport that came with Briley Extended Chokes that are listed with 0.733 bore. I also have some Benelli Extended CrioChokes. Can these all be used in my Performance Shop SuperSport, Standard SuperSport, and Original Vinci? Will they be the same disignation (M, LM, IC, etc.) no matter which gun I use them in? Thanks Gregg
  2. I have a Benelli Ethos and enjoy some of our local turkey shoots. currently using a Green Slime choke .66. Have done OK in the winning/luck department. What type shot gun and choke combs you using?
  3. Hey guys, I just bought my first shotgun, a Benelli Nova, and I plan on doing some skeet and upland hunting. I used to do a decent amount of deer hunting with a Marlin 308 when I lived in Louisiana (most of the hunting was in east Texas), but now I live in Illinois where one can only hunt with a shotgun and was wondering what I could do to improve accuracy other than buying a rifled barrel. Specifically, I was curious to know if anyone had tried using a rifled choke with a sabot round on their Benelli Nova, and if so could they share their set up and experience. Any thoughts on how this compares to using brenneke slugs with no choke? I am planning on buying a couple of boxes of slug and shot to see what the gun likes but I am very interested to hear what experience’s others have had. Thanks for your help!!
  4. I have a new Benelli Nova Pump Action (a standard barrel and an added long barrel purchased separately) and am new to shotguns. The manual describes a choke key to set choke but I was not provided one with my purchase. I could use some help with obtaining a choke key and also how to set choke to position 3 (modified) setting. Also, what 12 gauge round would be appropriate for home defense. Thank you Bernelli veterans for your help.
  5. I shot the 2-1/4 oz #7 hevi's yesterday afternoon. The temp was 70 deg and the humidity was 100%. At a lasered 40 yards, the results on three consecutive shots through a fouled barrel were 292, 273, and 270 in a 10" circle. An average of 278 is not bad, but not what I was hoping for. I will test again with a clean barrel. If I can get it above 300, i will test it at 60 yards.
  6. I just bought a Benelli supernova and am really only planning on shooting slugs out of it for deer hunting. I was just wondering what type of choke to use for this and if any of the chokes that came with the gun would work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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