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Found 2 results

  1. Patterning question - waterfowl choke and shell shoots great out of SBE2 with 60 above / 40 below point of aim. Changing to different shell/choke for turkey messes up the point of impact (shot several inches below point of aim). So do you… 1. Keep testing different shells and chokes until it works well for turkey, 2. OR change the shim/cast to match pattern to point of aim? (This would mean using different shim/casts for different hunts— what a pain in the a**) Appreciate it!!
  2. Hello there everyone. I just purchased my stoeger stf 3000 and i have loved every minute of it. so far i have put 200 rounds through it with no failures to fire or any other problems. I use it for skeet and doves. I have not gotten a dove license for this year but will have to get one next season. So for now i guess its just for sporting clays. But. i have a little money from my end of year bonus and was thinking about maybe a new gun. This is where the question comes in. Should I buy another shotgun (CZ 712) or should i put a little money into the stoeger stf 3000 with a trigger job and some browning invector extended chokes from briley? I can't make up my mind and need some opinions. Any info would be great as well as any opinions on other guns or modifications for the stf 3000.
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