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  1. Is it normal for a mm of stiff play between the grip sight and the U channel of the bolt?
  2. When lining up the sight on the stock to the channel on the barrel I find at a fully aligned position there is about a 1/16 and a half of play. When shooting rounds I find it shifts back and forth and makes me have to aim gangster style. I just bought the gun and am wondering if this is normal for the channel to be off a bit with the sight on the grip?
  3. I purchased my Vinci and another gun at the same time at Gander Mountain - which has provided awesome customer service through this whole process. I am currently on my second Vinci since I experienced an approximate 10-15% misfire of my shotgun shells - which were the Winchester Xpert Hi-Velocity 3" shells. With my first Vinci, I went on three major, 5-day duck hunts. During these hunts, some different, yet similar failures were happening: 1. At first I was having periodic misfires with the first shell. Simply pulling the trigger, all I would hear was the 'click' of the firing pin, and of course, there was an associated firing pin indentation in the primer. The indentation was faint and obviously not strong enough to fire the shell. This happened a handful of times. 2. Occasionally, the 'click' of the firing pin on the first shell in the gun would not even leave a firing pin indentation at all. When these misfires of the first shell occurred, I was eventually more prepared and would quickly pull the slide back, ejecting the shell and loading the second round in the chamber which would then fire. 3. In the beginning, all misfires occurred only on the first round, however, at the end of my second hunt, I also experienced a misfire (hearing the firing pin 'click' and no indentation on the shell) on the third round. This misfire occurred after attempting to fire three rounds in succession. The gun was disassembled and thoroughly cleaned after every use. Gander Mountain(GM) was contacted after each hunt as well as the gun being brought into their in-house gunsmith. Neither any of the sales reps or gunsmith heard of this or any problems with the Vinci thus far and only a guess as to what the problem may be. They suggested that the 'machined groove' (on the barrell) that the bolt locking head could have been dirty and did not provide good shell:firing pin contact. This was the only thing that we could collectively come up with and I was sent out in the field to try it again after the first hunt. I did not have much faith as the gun was thoroughly cleaned after each use. As, described, the problem continued. I contacted Benelli which was quick to offer to send out a new firing pin and spring, however, I knew that there was something else going on and that it would not solve the problem. GM also contacted Benelli to find out what they wanted to do; they did not hear back from them and GM simply replaced the Vinci with a brand new Vinci. Well, I just got back from another duck hunt. I shot only 23 rounds through the gun and had two misfire (first shell only) as well as one feeding problem where the third shell and carrier would get stuck. Again, this is nearly a 10% failure rate. During this trip, I realized what I believe is to be the problem. When the bolt is automatically and/or manually put in the forward position (ex, loading a shell), sometimes the bolt locking head is not in the proper position. When the bolt (action) is properly closed, the bolt locking head (BLH) actually turns a bit counterclockwise as it gets seated into the machined groove on the barrel. I noticed that sometimes, the bolt locking head is not turned - thus preventing enough of a gap between the shell primer and the firing pin. The photo below is the proper position of the bolt locking head (note this by the ejector on the BLH): Below is what I believe is happening when the gun misfires, whether it is the first or third shell - compare the position of the ejector to the picture above! Finally, the last picture (not shown since there is a limit of two photos per post) is duplication of how the shell got hung up in the carrier and does not pushed all the way into the chamber. This failure only happened once in the last 20 or so shells. This is the first Benelli that I have ever owned. Two other hunting partners bought the Winchester Super X3 and the Beretta Xtrema 2 have shot a season of trap and season of hunting without a hitch. It is a bitter-sweet purchase. For my first semi-auto, I would never imagine that I would have these problems for the amount of money it costs. Has anybody else had any problems at all in the field with this gun. I will be taking the gun back to GM tomorrow to see what they think. I will also be contacting Benelli in the near future to get their opinion on this problem. I hope that since it is a brand new gun this year, that maybe there was a quality control issue or something that has now been straightened out. I will check out some other blogs to see what others are saying....good luck.
  4. Hello Shooters I have a new 2019 Vinci shotgun. It's brand new, I didn't notice it when I purchased two weeks ago, but now I see that the stock is disgustingly sticky. Any solution to clean the stock and make it less sticky and smooth? I have the brown synthetic furniture on my Vinci.
  5. I have owned my Vinci since 2012. In that time I have shot trap with it every summer since I have owned it as well as carried it extensively while wing shooting every fall. At this point, the gun has multiple thousands of rounds through it. The one thing that has bugged me since owning the gun is it will not cycle 1 oz. loads reliably. It is even slightly picky on which 1 1/8 oz. loads it will cycle. I have tried all stages of lubrication from basically dry to what I think is too much lubrication and the problem has still persisted. I have never had any issues cycling field or waterfowl loads so I have been willing to live with it. Today I was out shooting with some friends, one of which has a newer Vinci. I believe the gun was purchased in 2015. He has always reported no cycling problems at all with his going as light as 7/8 oz. loads. Today he ended up having to go to work early and left the gun with me overnight. I took both guns apart and compared them side by side and noticed some differences on the guide rod for the recoil spring. On my gun the guide rod is rough in texture. There is also a cutout on the guide rod. I noticed on his gun that the guide rod is completely smooth. It also doesn't have a cutout. I will attach some pictures along with this post. Any info anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm still shooting my 14 year old SBE2 and haven't kept up with too much of the newer stuff other than keep hoping for a Camo Ethos for a new duck gun, but does anyone know if any of the newer recoil pads from the Vinci or SBE3 will fit on the SBE2? If so, which and if both, which is better? Thanks
  7. Hey guys, new to the forum but not new to Benelli's. Just purchased my 2nd one, a SBE3 to replace my stolen SBE2... bought it in anticipation for this upcoming waterfowl season, but unfortunately life changes and I'll be moving overseas and can't take it with. I have fired one session of sporting clays (100 rounds) through it and it cycled flawlessly out of the box on 2 3/4 fiocci target loads. It's a black synthetic with 28" barrel. I wrapped the stock and forend in mossy oak 3M vinyl wrap, but but it can easily be removed back to the stock configuration if desired. I will include all factory paperwork and accessories. Looking to get $1500. My loss is your gain. I can ship if need be, but I am located in northwest Louisiana. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. You can PM or contact me directly at 815-508-2696. Thanks!
  8. I have a 12ga Performance Shop SuperSport that came with Briley Extended Chokes that are listed with 0.733 bore. I also have some Benelli Extended CrioChokes. Can these all be used in my Performance Shop SuperSport, Standard SuperSport, and Original Vinci? Will they be the same disignation (M, LM, IC, etc.) no matter which gun I use them in? Thanks Gregg
  9. Hello - I'm hoping one of you may be able to help with a somewhat unique FTF problem on my super vinci. I purchased it about 6 months ago and have used it for trap & skeet and now that we're into hunting season for some dove. The problem I am having is with the second shell not entering the chamber completely. There is a very sharp edge on the outside edge of the chamber, and when the second shell tries to feed, the hull will get caught on the chamber edge and get cut & stuck. It's almost like the edge of the hull is getting slightly peeled by the sharp edge. This doesn't happen every time, but if I go to the range and shoot doubles it may happen 4 or 5 times over the 50 shells. This problem happens with all loads, sizes, and brands that I have tried. I thought maybe the 6 crimp shells were sticking out a little too much and causing the problem, so I tried 8 crimp shells, and the same thing happens. If anyone else has had this problem & was able to get it fixed, I'd appreciate knowing what you did. Maybe I just have to open a warranty case with Benelli, but I don't want to lose my hunting gun during hunting season if I have to send it in.
  10. I received my brand new Super Vinci yesterday and had a quesiton and a concern. Just to be clear, it is brand new, unfired, and was factory-sealed when I received it. I'll start with the concern 1) The feed ramp as can be seen in the picture is not centered. In fact, it is so off-center that it is literally rubbing against the inside of the "chamber". [ATTACH=CONFIG]2127[/ATTACH] In the photo above, you can see that it is off center, but because of the shadows, you can't quite see that it is actually rubbing against the inside. Here's a photo showing where it is rubbing (just above my thumb): I hope I'm not being too picky here, but it seems like Quality Control should have seen this, right? Now for my question, and it relates to the case. The only way that the barrel assembly fits into the case is by placing the open area over the "pegs". But, since there is a spring assembly inside of the open area, it would be banging against the pegs. To me, that meas a pretty short life for the spring assembly! Am I missing something? Here's a photo of the open area that would be placed over the pegs (also shown)[ATTACH=CONFIG]2129[/ATTACH]
  11. Gang, I love my Vinci. One of the reasons I bought it was for the ability to raise the comb. Where can I obtain a medium comb for the Vinci? The combs for the non-Vinci models will not fit the Vinci. Thanks. Why do these little pieces of foam cost so much? PBT
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