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  1. "Duck Hunting!!" I have never edited so fast in my life! I believe that is the problem as well...not letting the bold slam forward with some force to lock the BLH into place. Thinking back to hunting in a laydown blind during the heat of the action...without looking would sometimes take my right hand index finger and thumb and pull the action open a bit and feel for a shell to be sure I reloaded.....then gently close the action.....that definitely causes my problems! As far as the other issue of the third shell getting stuck in the action/carrier....I think the shooting fo
  2. I have only fired about 20 some rounds through it... typically, they dont need to be broken in, but hoping that after a few more boxes that it may loosen up a bit. Allowing the bolt to slam shut absolutely helps in getting proper seating of the bolt locking head. I have noticed that when sliding the bolt back (example, occasionally checking to make sure that there is a shell in the chamber) part way and letting it slide back forward is when the problem mostly occurs. Even so, a gun of this expense and renown gun manufacturer, one would not expect this to occur and it should close smoothly
  3. I purchased my Vinci and another gun at the same time at Gander Mountain - which has provided awesome customer service through this whole process. I am currently on my second Vinci since I experienced an approximate 10-15% misfire of my shotgun shells - which were the Winchester Xpert Hi-Velocity 3" shells. With my first Vinci, I went on three major, 5-day duck hunts. During these hunts, some different, yet similar failures were happening: 1. At first I was having periodic misfires with the first shell. Simply pulling the trigger, all I would hear was the 'click' of the firing p
  4. error - deleted
  5. I have never seen them in the stores here in MN...sure would rather use them instead of hauling the Mojos out...
  6. I love the Foiles StraightMeat Honker
  7. CMMN

    Clean Vinci

    The manual that came with the gun worked as a pretty good guide for cleaning....one suggestion - be sure to clean the two, grooved/machined area on the barrel where the bolt locking heat sits and turns when the bolt is closed....this is best cleaned with a Q-tip....
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