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  1. scotmak

    Clean Vinci

    Does anyone have a detailed resource on how to correctly and completely clean the Vinci?
  2. I've got a 4 inch group w/3" Remington Slugger 1oz mag's @ 70yrds. I'm in northern Indiana and that is plenty far enough for deer. The Vinci only shoots up to 3" not 3-1/2". I'm going to try some different ammo after the season but I'm pretty happy right now. My shoulder was very tender after sighting in though. I may check into getting a limbsaver.
  3. I got my Vinci on Fri. Sunday I put 10 boxes of slugs thru it. A few times I shot three as fast as I could just to see how it handled. No problems, I'm very happy with it!
  4. scotmak

    Choke tubes

    Can someone give me a crash course on what I can shoot thru the diffent types of choke tubes that came with my Vinci. I am also planing on using some rifled slugs.
  5. scotmak

    Vinci & Slugs

    I’m expecting my new Vinci on Mon. I want to take it out for deer season. Has anyone been shooting slugs out of the Vinci? If so what are your fav’s to shoot and what are you getting the best groups and distance with.
  6. Anyone planning on taking a shot at deer with the Vinci and a slug this season?
  7. scotmak

    Vinci update

    How would you compair the SBE and Vinci as far as shooting slugs?
  8. scotmak

    Vinci update

    What kind of pattern and distance were you geting with slugs?
  9. scotmak

    Vinci ship date?

    Has anyone found the Vinci in the Real Tree camo? I have only seen the Max 4 camo.
  10. scotmak

    Vinci ship date?

    Anyone put slugs thru the Vinci yet?
  11. I would like to have one ready for turkeys next week but that probable won't happen. I can't find one from Indianapolis to Michigan
  12. scotmak


    Has anyone gotten there paws on one of these yet, I have not found one anywhere near Northern Indiana.
  13. scotmak


    Soooo can this thing shoot a slug?
  14. Hello All, I am looking to purchase my first slug gun for deer hunting. I have bow hunted for years but I would like to add a good gun into the mix. I’m looking at the Supernova 12ga. I would greatly appreciate any and all advise of those who hold a greater knowledge of slug gun deer hunting. Please remember I am relatively new to guns so advise on anything from barrel length to scopes helps. Thanks.
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