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  1. I haven't posted on here in a while, but read this one and thought it would be a good one to respond to. I bought the first Vinci available here in Mobile. So far I've put about 15 cases of rounds through it. Everything from 2.75 target loads to 3" mags with buckshot, duck loads, dove loads, AA trap loads, and Slugs. On monday put 150 target loads through in about 2 hours. NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER. I still like my SBE II, but hte Vinci is now my weapon of choice. Light, Soft shooting, and reliable. No way should the plastics melting be any concern at all. Oh, and by the way, I think I've c
  2. tdaggett

    Vinci update

    At 40 yards standing in the backyard I'm getting about a 4 in group with both the SBE II and the vinci using Winchester 1oz slug. The Two guns seem to be fairly clost there, but with the SBE I have always seemed to be about 1 foot high at 40 yds and had to adjust my POA down to compensate. The Vinci however doesn't seem to be that way and my POA(or at least what I think I'm pointing at) and POI are right on.
  3. tdaggett

    Vinci ads

    The Vinci is serialized on the forearm module AND the recieiver/barrel module. On mine the two are different. During warranty registration I had to call Benelli CS and they say the serial number on the RECEIVER is the one important to ATF. This leaves the door at least part way open for future mods. Benelli told me that the steady grip stock and other mods are about a year out, and that a magazine ext. will never come due to the import laws although it is available already overseas. As a side note, after a little over 1000 round through it, Ireally like my Vinci. Gread concept.
  4. tdaggett

    Vinci update

    For those who care..... The Vinci now has 1000+ rounds through it with no problems. I've gone through 2 cases each of 2 3/4" target loads, and 3" Mags, plus a few boxes of different types of slugs, all without a misfire, FTE, "Benelli Click" etc.... To date, I have cleaned the thing only twice since the initial pre-assembly cleaning, and haven't had it get fouled up yet. As for as the gun itself, It has been assembled and dis-assembled numerous times and there is'nt any appreciable play or slack in any of the assembly connections. In MY opinion, Benelli may have gotten it right with this d
  5. You would be correct to put the rectangular plate on. It replaces the locking/shim plate inside the comfortech stock, and centers the rod. The black triangular piece is a fillett place that goes between the stock and receiver to fill the gap at the trigger guard.
  6. Now have over 500 rounds of all types through it an not the first misfire. The only thing we havent shot out of it is slugs, thinking about trying some of those tomorrow. Overall I'm actually really impressed. The 3" mags kick about as much as my SBE with 2 3/4 target loads. Like I said earlier, over 2 cases of rounds, cleaned it once, and NO HANGUPS. Now if they'll just make me a 3.5" version.
  7. I think, and this is only an opinion,from playing around with my Vinci that the nylon tab only holds the drive system in while the gun is disassembled. Once the barrel is locked onto the butstock, the steel plate in the locking system does the job (No way that plastic tab could withstand the recoil on its own). I found after several tries, that the bolt has to be ALL the way back and the bolt handle in the rounded cutout at the rear of the receiver in order to come out. It's got an o-ring on it that keeps it very snug, and the base an ovalish shape so it will not come out unless it's all the w
  8. Benelli CS tells me that the accessories shown in the Vinci manual, rifled barrel, Steadygrip stock, will be available in 9 months to a year. They also say that while there is a dedicated space in "THE BOX" for one, the extended magazine tubes shown will not be available in the US ever due to ATF restrictions on importing them. Maybe one of the machinists on here could take a look at the short tubes and start working on an extended one. I'll buy one if someone builds it.
  9. Well, I am 40 years old, took delivery of my Vinci 4 days ago, have since put over 400 rounds of varyingtypes from 2 3/4" 7/8oz to 3" 1 1/oz, and I can say without a doubt that the Vinci, while a little weird looking, shoots as well or better than any other shotgun I own. Yes, I bought it because it was different and I bought into the hype surrounding it, but having put nearly two CASES of ammo through it without the first misfire, I believe the hype to have been true. I've seen the ads for the new Maxus, and read the posts saying that "I'll save $300 and get the Maxus". Guess what? I paid
  10. 26". I wanted a 28, but my dealer got the 26 first and wasn't expecting any more for a while. I shoot an extended choke anyway so I'm probably 27.5" or so anyway. Im as impressed with the gun as I had hoped to be. They tell me a 3.5" version (Vinci II or SBE III) may be coming as soon as next year. I'll be getting one of those too. My son is loving this since he gets last years models when I buy the new toys for myself.
  11. Yes, the Vinci is a great trap gun. Got mine yesterday and put 100 rounds through without a hiccup. Went out to the farm today to release some pheasant and 100 more rounds without incident. After the pheasant, we broke out the clay thrower and went through 180 clays and about 200 more rounds still without any problems. The gun is EXTREMELY well balanced, swings very well, kicks about as much with 3" magnums as my SBE II does with light target loads, cycles faster than I can pull the trigger, and fits me very well. Oh, did I mention it WEIGHS NOTHING?!?! I think they got it right. All the li
  12. we're going to the farm tomorrow and letting about 300 pheasants go. Should give it a pretty good workout. I'll post up afterwards with a full report.
  13. My dealer called last night, and I picked mine up this morning. They only got 1 in and are supposed to have 9 more by the end of next week. After assembling and dis-assembling a couple times to get the drill down, I went straight to some 7/8 oz target loads to get the test going. 50 rounds of the light stuff and NO misfires. Switched to 3" #3 BlackCloud and shot 50 more. Again no misfires. The gun is VERY light, well under 7 pounds, and the 3"Magnums kicked about the same as a 2 3/4" 1 1/8 oz target loads do out of my SBE II. It does look a little weird, but after 100 rounds I feel like the hy
  14. +1 for the 3.5s. If I werea better shot, maybe the 3's would be enough, but I need all the bb's I can get in the air
  15. The steadygrip goes on the same way the comfortech came off. The shims need to go back on and there should be a small black plastic filler piece that smoothes the transition to the trigger guard. You are correct about the black tab being a sling mount, however in addition, it replaces the locking plate/ shim inside the stock, just under the lock washer. Hope that expains it.
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