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  1. Spike-That's exactly the issue with my gun, love the gun probably shot 200 ducks with it so far but the safety sticks on fire and when it happens it's very difficult to get it back. Like I was saying a couple times I couldn't and had to hunt with it like that, YES big safety concern. Other times it's happened I can push really hard and it I guess breaks through whatevers got it jammed. I've also took it apart in the field, tapped out and pushed it and got it to clear. My concern is that this is my second season and I'm concerned that it could be getting worse. Also, I clean this gun every hunt. I'm not a guy that can stand for his gun to be put away dirty.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's due to specs of powder or just junk that gets down in there. I tore it apart last night and there was a lot of powder in there, good quality shells I guess. My concern is that I've never had this issue with any shotguns I've shot in the past. To answer the question once you shoot 3, the safety is still on with the action open, from that point, Ive had it where no matter what you do, that safety is stuck on fire. Kind of scary actually.
  3. Yes I've had that issue this year. Last year I shot about a case and a half of steel and never had the issue. This year it's happened probably 4 times where I unload the gun and the safety is stuck in the fire position. One time I just had to continue hunting with it but when I got home, sprayed it and tapped it out and it started working. I'm guessing that for some reason dirty powder or debris are getting down in there. I had a SBE for 12 years and never one time had an issue, if this is the case it's a bad design.
  4. I was following the manual on removing the intertia system and it tells you to pull down on the bolt stop to unlock and release the system. I'm concerned that each time you remove and reinstall that rubber insert that it's going to break over time. Mine bends over the ribs both directions. Anyone else had this problem? Also that cocking lever is in there good, I can't remove it either.
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