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  1. I have short arms, but still wanted a shotgun that would fit my L.O.P., so I got the thinnest recoil pad that Benelli makes for their M02. I was a little worried that the recoil would be pretty rough. Happy to say that it is NOT. I can't say how different it is from the pad that came on the gun because I never used the original. The thin pad is very comfortable and the gun fits perfectly. Of course, as with ANY recoil pad, you still have to hold the gun correctly.
  2. onehorse

    Vinci ads

    I love my M-2, and can't imagine a gun functioning much better than it does. But that Vinci sure looks sweet, at least what I can see of it. The only problem I have with most of the ads I've seen is that the background for the black model is mostly black. What marketing idiot thought of that? I mean it's really hard to get a good luck at the gun. Makes me wonder if they are trying to hide something although I'm sure they are not. What do you think?
  3. A little while back someone posted what I seem to remember as the USMC Benelli semi-auto manual. I can't find it on the site - not sure what the title was. Can whoever posted it please put it on again, or tell me the name of the post that I should look for? Thanks!!
  4. Does anyone have any experience using the Burris Speed Bead? Does it really improve shooting, or is it just hype?
  5. Does anyone have any experience using the Burris Speed Bead? Does it really improve shooting, or is it just hype?
  6. I bought an M2 about three weeks ago. Here's why: 1. I wanted a good quality shotgun. 2. I wanted a relatively light weight gun (mostly for upland use). 3. I wanted a semi-auto that was easy to break down for cleaning. 4. I liked the way Benelli designed their gun to "absorb" felt recoil. 5. I didn't think I needed a 3 1/2 inch chamber - so I didn't need a SDE2. Unfortunately, I haven't shot it yet because the synthetic foer-end had a small crack, and I had to send it back for a replacement. I suggest you get the Benelli DVD to find out more about the M2 and also read all th
  7. I just bought a Benelli thin pad for my M2. It shortened the LOP to 13 1/2" which is about 1 inch shorter than the LOP that comes from the factory.
  8. onehorse

    M2 test

    Mark, thanks for the preview. I bought an M2 a couple of weeks ago, but haven't been able to shoot it yet because the fore-end had a crack in it, and I had to send it back to Benelli so they would send me a new one. Anyway, I was wondering about the recoil on such a light 12 gauge. I had to get a 13 1/2 LOP pad so the gun would fit me. Gave up about an inch thickness of pad. Can't wait to try this gun out. I did all the initial cleaning, and, by the way, I called Benelli about cleaning the recoil plunger/spring, and the tech told me it didn't have to be cleaned on a new gun and maybe only once
  9. From what the service person told me, your gun might be ready for that cleaning. You can get the directions right from Benelli - they'll send an email with them if you request them.
  10. I spoke with the Benelli service tech about cleaning the recoil spring assembly on my M2. I was told to clean it by flushing it out with gun scrubber. 1.Take off the butt plate and locate a pin hole in th end of the plunger tube. 2.Remove the bolt. 3.Use a push pin, etc. to hold the plunger open and spray scrubber in to the tube. (The scrubber will run out the pin hole and look dirty depending on how much the gun has been shot.) 4.Repeat process until scrubber comes out of the pin hole looking clean. 5. Give the gun at least 2 hours (preferably over night) to dry out before shootin
  11. In order to get the right fit for my arm length, I will have to get a 13 1/2" Benelli recoil pad for my M2. What is your opinion regarding this pad which looks about an inch thinner than the recoil pad which comes on the gun? Will there be much of an increase in felt recoil, and, if so, will it be worth it to have a proper fitting shotgun? I know people's tolerance to recoil varies quite a bit but what do you think of this trade-off?
  12. It may be a hit-or-miss kind of thing. After trying unsuccessfully for three days, I was able to call twice in one day (this morning) and get a service representative both times. Don't give up.
  13. I'd suggest you ask for references of people who have bought pups in the past. Then call them. Also, Gun Dog by Wolters (hope I spelled that right) is the Bible for training bird dogs for about 45 years. It's especially good for beginners. I even think they have a CD out now. I've had English setters in the past, so kind of have a soft spot for setters. Good luck!
  14. Hey, Tucker, it shouldn't have to be a choice. You should be able to get someone who knows the answers to your questions AND not have to wait forever. That's just good customer service. By the way, I finally got through and the person with whom I spoke was very helpful.
  15. Limbsavers are great, and one may help, but the Benelli recoil pad is pretty high-tech, itself. I wouldn't do any porting unless I checked with Benelli first. Number one: it may void the warranty. Number two: because Benellis are recoil-driven, so to speak, porting may screw up the cycling.
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