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  1. If you happen to live in California I know for a fact that this place, Triple B's has one in stock. IF you dont give em a call, they might be able to get it to you through ffl. But may i ask how the performance is any better? I know the detail is a little nice but still
  2. I'm just a little bit nervous about picking up the Vinci because it is plastic. For example, if I shoot a lot pretty quickly would the barrel get somewhat warped? Because I've known occasions when a rifle shoots 3-4 times repeatedly and the gun barrel gets warped because of the heat. Would anything happen with the plastic? I really like it as a field gun, but still, I'm just iffy on the plastic
  3. Doodle

    SBE 2 Forearm

    Hey, my father had the same exact problem. But it only happens when he shoots his gun and it gets hot.
  4. Well, my Uncles Supersport is also ported and it is nowhere nearly as loud
  5. Look at the Community Photos under the Cordoba Sport and Super Montefeltro or http://img35.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=dscn1145o.jpg -----> The Album Please Posts Opinions!
  6. Doodle


    Sorry, you cant do anything except get some wipes and wipe your gun really well. I have a Sport II and I have the same problems, and people have said that the legacy has that problem too, there is nothing you can do except wipe your gun!
  7. I would like to buy a silver forend cap possibly with a sling mount already. I just changed my stock and forend of the Sport II to the cordoba and would like to add a mount and a sliver forend cap. Thanks in Advance!
  8. Hello, so I went hunting yesterday and I realized that my Sport II is noticeably louder than all the other guns, including the very similar Supersport. So why is my gun louder? Also how come my ammo is harder the push into the bottom. I mean, like after loading on ammo directly into the chamber, when I try to load the extra 2 bullets it just seems quite hard to push in as compared to the Supersport or for that matter any other synthetic gun. Thank You In Advance!!
  9. Yah i think the cordoba stalk will but how about the forend?
  10. Aiight, thanks guys! If you see anything and have nothing to do give me an email or reply to this topic! Yah I saw that too but I was a bit turned down because I dont think he was shipping to California and I think I am gonna wait for a little bit more. What other sites either then Gunbroker should I look at?
  11. I really like Synthetic and or Carbon fiber, but i can't find Carbon Fiber. So Can I buy an M2 or Super Black Eagle 2 stock and forend set for my Sport 2?
  12. I really like the Carbon Fiber of the Super sport and I am wondering where I can check for a carbon fiber or even just a synthetic stock AND forend. I would like to know sites I can check over time or if you know a site that sells them I would be very appreciative for the link. I am looking to spend around 200-350
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