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  1. Sorry if this has already been pointed out but if you only have one or two guns why do you need a safe? One that small could easily be picked up and carried off by two men. You could just as easily put an anchor in the wall an secure your guns with a cable. I would trust that more than a cheap safe. Or if your closet has a standard door have an electronic deadbolt installed and forget everything else. I have a keypad deadbolt securing the door of my gun room and I feel a lot better with that even though most of my guns are in my safes inside the room. Any well-built 45-60+ minute fir
  2. It's a waste of time to obsess over 922r. Everyone on this board will scare the daylights out of you talking about it, but I've never seen anyone that has brought forth a court record or arrest report ONLY charging someone with violating 922r. Unless you are going to throw your modded M4 in a very knowledgable ATF agent's face, how could this ever come back on you? It is a law that only applies to the Benelli by association. No US attorney is going to waste time prosecuting you because your Italian home defense shotgun doesn't have 3 American made parts on it. It is not a malicious crime
  3. I really doubt that you are going to find such information free and publicly available.
  4. Great, something else for me to pay attention to that I probably never would have noticed otherwise.
  5. I'm a big Eotech fan. But I don't want something that bulky on a shotgun. Also I'm real funny about having anything hanging off the left side of the gun that I would have to look around or over. Love the Eotechs on AR15s but I'm thinking low profile for the shotgun. I have looked at the Eotech MRDS however. Right, I realized that was your main issue. I just can't see any problem with mine. Like I said, I've tugged on this every way I know how and its staying tight all around. Gluing the rail would work, I'm sure, if any problems ever did come up. Yeah, that wa
  6. Also don't hate on me for the factory mag tube. I'm awaiting delivery of my tan tube from Kip!
  7. From the side: Tried to get a shot of the notch snug against the barrel:
  8. (I'm not a good photographer) From the top: Another with flash:
  9. SD - you've had a less than pleasurable experience with the BLAM4, but I have no complaints at this point. Maybe the tan coating on my M4 made the difference, maybe I happened to get a perfectly machined mount for my gun, or maybe CTG has made improvements since you purchased your mount. I'm totally satisfied that my BLAM4 is stationary and won't move. I've tugged on it pretty hard, and there is just no way this mount can shift with the way it fits my gun. Back on the sights, in pitch black with my light activated I cannot see the dots on my rear sight because all of the light is proje
  10. Ok I'll get some pics posted. There was just a very small amout of wiggle with the rail pointed back, hardly enough to complain about but I'm pretty particular. And I'm talking left/right wiggle not fore/aft. It looked to me like this was caused by the "barrel notch" on the mount not being completely snug with the bottom of the barrel. When I flipped the rail forward, the notch on the other side of the BLAM4 snugged up perfectly with the barrel, eliminating all left & right wiggle. Just some machining differences I think. There was no fore & aft movement in either position. Pics
  11. Oh and one other monetary consideration: if I go with a reflex sight, is it absolutely necessary to replace the factory rail on the M4? Can it really do that much damage, or does it depend on what type of sight that you're using?
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