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  • Birthday 08/24/1991

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    I love to hunt ducks, geese, turkey, deer, and many other little critters.
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    Leitchfield, KY
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    Being in the woods, in the blind, or on the lake.
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    Dairy Farmer
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  1. Is there anyone out there that owns a Vinci? If so, how do you like it? I'm looking for a new duck hunting gun, and I'm considering the Vinci, or the SBE2. Please, let me know what your standpoint is.
  2. kyboy42754

    SBE 1

    If that doesn't work, use Rem Oil, it's like $1.25 at Wal-Mart. I had a problem with mine doin' the same thing, and all you do is take it apart, and oil everything up good, but leave the oil in there. It worked for me.
  3. If you live in or around the Owensboro area, and have been duck and goose hunting for a while then you have heard of the Skuffletown Bottoms. I was out there the other day, and there are several places for lease on the Green River side of the Alcoa plant.
  4. I've never felt it too bad, but my dad has an 11-87 and it doesn't kick nearly as bad but I don't think it is nearly as fast as the SBE2 or the SBE1 for that matter.
  5. What all parts off of the SBE2 will fit on my SBE1?
  6. My personal favorite would have to be Kent 3" #2, or the Winchester 3 1/2" #2, T, and BB.
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