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  1. Has anyone tried this load they developed just for the SBEII? I am going to try it loaded with straight 7's. I will advise of my results.
  2. Has anyone used this choke that Primos makes just for Nitro Company? It is a 0.668" Jelly Head.
  3. I plan to start loading my own. I will load some HS, but also want to try TSS.
  4. Those are good numbers with #6's. I have a Pure Gold and a Jelly Head I have not had time to try yet. The nitro load claimed to get 280 - 300 is the first one I tried. In fact, I bought the Rhino choke b/c Nitro Company rep suggested it. Congratulations on the bird!
  5. Do you shoot the beads or some sort of optics? What's your barrel length? Thanks again for your input. I saw on another thread you also have a super vinci. How do you like it compared to the SBEII?
  6. 160 at 60 yards is impressive and would make me really happy. You had a little more than a 10% increase from barrel work. NICE. Did you have the polishing and porting done at the same time?
  7. Quack, I shot the Hevi 7's. Three shot average at 40 yards was 278 in a 10" circle. I am considering having the forcing cone lengthened as you suggested. This is certainly adequate, but I would like to get 300+ as several I have seen have been able to achieve. I shot these three with a fouled barrel and did not clean between shots. I will test again after a good cleaning and clean between shots. I think this may show improvement, but some have reported better patterns with a fouled barrel. I will see what my gun prefers as time allows. Thanks for all the input. I have killed two turkeys with this setup, both were less than 25 yards in the better hold steady range.
  8. I shot the 2-1/4 oz #7 hevi's yesterday afternoon. The temp was 70 deg and the humidity was 100%. At a lasered 40 yards, the results on three consecutive shots through a fouled barrel were 292, 273, and 270 in a 10" circle. An average of 278 is not bad, but not what I was hoping for. I will test again with a clean barrel. If I can get it above 300, i will test it at 60 yards.
  9. I like the look of the SBEII much better, but that is a personal preference. When I shoulder the Super Vinci the looks don't seem to matter as much. Just get the one that feels the best to you. They are both life long friends.
  10. Can someone tell me how to post pics in a thread? Does it require a minimum # of posts?
  11. Does anyone have a walnut stock and forend for a SBE2 they would like to sell?
  12. One sold on ebay for $325 just a couple weeks back. It was for a SBEI.
  13. There will be slight pattern and velocity differences with the longer barrel length showing a slight gain in MV. The longer lengths will be easier to find a choke to get desired patterns for turkey loads if you want to use it for turkey hunting. That said, I would base your decision on the one that feels the best when you shoulder it. My personal choice is the 28".
  14. I own both and never shoot the Nova. It is a very capable shotgun, but the SBEII shoulders just right for me. In the end you will be the most happy with the gun that fits the best. Automatic is a plus.
  15. I also prefer a custom box call from Paul's calls. There are a few factory calls that sound pretty good. The key is I would want to try several and pick the one that sounds the best and that is not possible at Wal Mart. It is likely you can get one that is junk in a plastic package. I think you can locate to some degree with almost any box call, but for soft clucks and purrs and actually working a bird, there is a huge difference with a custom call.
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