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  1. Anyone know where I can find a steady gip in Advantage timber for the SBE1??
  2. Thanks Guys VinCi it is!!!!!!!!
  3. Guys which is better and why? Looking at buying a Vinci!!!
  4. Been using #1 and 00 3" in my SBE while hunting whitetail in Tuskegee AL. with the full choke with good results, but got the Kick's BUCK KICKER X-FL.680 with OUTSTANDING results if at all possible you can go here and purchase at a fair price if you want to go with a aftermarket tube.. http://www.natchezss.com/brand.cfm?contentID=productDetail&brand=KK&category=0&prodID=KKBKBER680
  5. I'll tell ya like Tom Knapp told me for all around go with the 26 in barrel.Gone
  6. Mine is a right hand and Benelli or tha dealer I bought it from can have that lil money cause I LOVE my SBE.
  7. Bone I believe it,but I shot a tom today with the Win. HV 6's at about 24-5yards with that kick's choke and good GRACIOUS I freaked OUT after seeing how that tom responded after I put tha POW on him he looked like a cartoon character after I shot him. [ 04-16-2004, 08:45 PM: Message edited by: popapi ]
  8. Got up this morning at about 4:30 a.m. got things cituated for tha hour and a half drive south for my turkey hunt down here in Ardmore Ok,as soon as I got out of tha vehicle owls and crows where going CRAZY not only that tha Gobblers were to I mean in each direction they were going OFF, with me nervous and getting shells in tha ole black eagle I was about to go crazy not knowing where to set up,so I did at the enbankment of my buddies cow tank as I got my decoys(3 position hen and aggressive jack) out and set up tha ole faithfull ground blind it being ole faithfull because I have killed eight
  9. Shell your right on with tha fill and fit on a shotgun, my buddy has tha 912 also and LOVES it he also says there's no other shotgun better but I beg to differ being that I have tha SBE;) .
  10. The weather here in OK has been the same I been having them answer but not coming,they are hooked up with tha hens and it's been hard to get them to me I will be trying them again this weekend.
  11. Have anyone tried these on their SBE if so how do you like them,what brand of ammo,and which shot #.Thanks in advance.
  12. Groundhog I called Chuck at kick's and he told me to use the .655 G/T with the Winchester HV #6 3" shot,and .660 G/T with the Winchester HV#6 3 1/2" I got pretty good results at 30 yards with the .655,but didn't try the #6 3 1/2 with the .660 being that the 3" whipped my tail. I will be trying the wadwizard choke after I do some research.
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