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  1. what brand of slugs group best from sbeII slug barrel

  2. Thanks Andy for all the information. it makes it a little comp. But i guess its the only way to find out. I have a SBII rifiled barrel and the choice was simple winchester Gold Partions they are awesome. I try different brands till I get it right. The choke issue is confusing. Do I have to use a choke in the barrel i have mulit chokes which screw in. I thought about buying a riffeled barrel but???
  3. I have a smooth bore barrel Nova Pump. What type of slugs can I shot through this gun
  4. I just got back from a deer hunt in Ohio which is all shotgun and used wincester partion Golds. They are devestating and accurate. I have a SbII rifiled barrel and these slugs are the hardest hitting and most accuarte rifeled slugs I have ever shot.
  5. I have searched and contacted Benelli for a dealer that has in stock part #90420 burris speed dot kit which includes rings and weaver 93 mount in camo which can be bought only from benelii and have had no luck. Does any body know where i can order one and get it in three days. Need for deer season which starts on the 27th in ohio. Thanks
  6. I will take your advise and remove the 135 if it does not work. how many rounds do i have to shoot to break in the SBII and how far should I set the zero on the 135 dot? Does that scope have to shot at differnt distances? I will try and get some of those slugs mentioned aas other hunters have recomended the same brands that you stated. tahnks again for the help and good hunting. I will try and post some prints after the hunt in the end of november
  7. Thanks cmshoot, I was wondering if you would recomend that scope and would you use the higher mounts so I could use the iron sights. Is it neccsary or not and what slugs do you shout on the shotgun? does it affect the zero on the scope?
  8. Has any one used this sight? I am thinking of one for deer hunting and would like some info please. Mahalo in Hawaiian it means (Thank You)
  9. shot ten rounds in the sbII slug federals 400 grain hp at 50 yds standing out of the box 2 to 3 inch groups with no sight adjustments gun worked perfectly will post more today. still need mor info on slugs spec. for sbII accuracy and what about 3 inch magnum slugs worth the money or stick to the 23/4. Thanks again.
  10. Need help. Got my first and second Benelli today and I am impressed. SBII rifled slug with camo and Super Nova pump. What slugs work best in the Rifled SBII? I was given some Federal classic rifled 400 grain hps. Need to find out what other SBII rifled slug gun owners would recomend.
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