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  1. Never did end up buying one...passed on a few used ones at $1200 i should have bought.....never could really justify the expense with several HK super 90's tacticals within reach...if i ever come across a basically new-used one for a decent price i might just buy....had a friend in 94 who came home with a M3...never looked backed....
  2. Single long tube an a "a" prefix..i have 3 hk marked super 90's and have no clue what makes a pre ban benelli super 90..thank you...
  3. for those on the fence..socomguy is good to go...no worries on sending off your funds..i can vouch for him...
  4. check gunbroker..they aint cheap no more
  5. why didnt you guys buy a socomguy tube?...makes no sense and he has a few left...at most its 1 week to receive and at $145 you can save coin over the carrier comp tube...its steel...
  6. tube arrived..well worth the $145 bucks...way lighter than i expected and highly polished gut....now its a paper weight but may be i will find a cheap used M4 on a fire sale someday...
  7. local dealer just quoted me $1625 for NIB..
  8. the fudds were told...not a tear will be shed for those fudds..its time the fudds own up to there mess and this they do deserve..fudds welcome to the tribe..guess that vote for that liberal dem we warned you about is about to be realized...how is this working out for you fudds?
  9. i will take one in matte diamond kote black but i need to have your contact information and total cost including shipping..now if 1 of the guys here really really needs it..its no biggie if i get tossed aside and would willing to give the tube up to somebody who is in need..
  10. i have been debating over buying one for months,,heck i do not even hve an m4 and decided to let the guys who need have a chance to get one..above price is atractive and i wold like to see a picture or a thread link on this guys product..if the board says they are quality i may just sent off the funds..thanx
  11. ive got an old SBE ducks unlimited speshul...benelli has run some speshul guns in the past...what you saw i dunno and i would never pay any extra for them..what they were for is to help raise money for a club or organization..course what you saw could be somebodys neutered idea of what a real benelli is
  12. $1300 used is my limit...id want some custom walnut non PG stock if i ever decide to get one (iron wood can make me a blank)...not sure what the m4 can do that my super 90's cannot....answer..nutin any better..yea ill just stick with the old benellis which are out of style...even my swamp rat (truck) is old and well detroit makes **** today so i have to keep ol swamp rat too
  13. these still around?..still thinking of buying even though i will never have an m4...expensive paper weight is all it would be..if the luv of my life (hkp2000) has some left i may splurge...god speed
  14. just hit 10K rounds on the m1 super 90 (old hk import i bought back in the day)..nary an issue..disgraceful i have to report that..just disgraceful i say..
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