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Found 6 results

  1. I did some searching in the forums but can't find any information on mounting a scope on á left handed SBE (original, not a II). I bought a right handed saddle on eBay for $10 and thought I would get someone to machine the identical slot for the action lever on the left side. Are there any other solutions out there? Love the gun but the lack of left handed support is disappointing. Some one out there must have mounted a scope on a left handed gun.
  2. This past season was an excellent duck season for me. One weekend I was slaying ducks left and right (naturally) and I even got a few laughs in whilst my buddies guns went down. The real surprise was at the end of the weekend when I opened my gun to clean it and there was a pin in the bolt that was broken and came tumbling out. Hmmm.... was my initial reaction. I wonder how long that was broken? Needless to say it fired imaculately and passionately all weekend. I bought my gun used and I don't even know how old it is. Thank you Benelli for a wonderful product. Here are some pics. Has this or anything like this happened to anyone else? If so please post, I would like to hear. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1363[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1364[/ATTACH]
  3. Seems I've been missing a lot of ducks this season. When putting the lights out on a wounded duck I noticed my first shot was considerably low as in I sprayed the water in front of the duck but didn't hit him. About 30 yards out. I've read several threads on the web that state the SBE II shoots high, but mine seems to be shooting low. I have the shim kit, but didn't want to upset the factory setting without a little advice from my fellow shooters. I'm guessing that I've been shooting under the birds. Could just be my aim ain't what it used to be!
  4. As title states I am interested in buying a SBE slug barrel. In the Southern IN, Louisville Ky area. So if anyone has one sitting around not being used and are willing to sell it let me know. Or if someone is selling their SBE slug gun I would also be interested in that Thanks ahead of time
  5. How can I determine the date of manufacture of my older SBEs - imported by HK? I need this for insurance purposes.
  6. I'm sure that once the new Vinci is out, the market will be flooded with SBE II's (Left hand) 26"'s......(dry humor!) If you got one that is still in decent shape, (or know of someone) let me know..... Thanks!
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