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  1. The watch on his left wrist is normally worn there by a right hander, but he's shooting lefty.
  2. He got 100% of the dead vote and even more of the live vote in some precincts.
  3. The video was interesting, but I was thinking about asking Streamlight if they recommended using this light mounted on a weapon. Looks like a great light for the price, even if they say no. I was thinking about this one with a single cell CR123a light: http://www.amazon.com/Single-Shotgun-Magazine-Tubes-Mount/dp/B003V08BAM/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1355448878&sr=8-5&keywords=flashlight+shotgun+mount+L+M but it might work with that one also.
  4. How do you plan to mount it on the SNT and is it rated as a weapon light? Not all handhelds are designed to withstand the recoil of a shotgun.
  5. Same quality, but pretty sure only the Super Nova has the top of the receiver drilled, tapped, and plugged for your sight rail or the Mesa Tactical SureShell and rail combo: [ATTACH=CONFIG]1720[/ATTACH] The Nova NFA with the 14" bbl. is the one that interests me most of all the Nova models, but would be even better as the SNT with a collapsible stock. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CRA5xBsqYs
  6. Keep in mind the Nova has a standard straight fixed stock that is not removeable and you have a choice of straight or fixed stock on the SuperNova, plus aftermarket options. There are other differences, like the larger trigger guard on the SNT.
  7. I'm voting for the capitalist in this race. He will protect the gun industry, which is one of the few sectors that have done well these last few years.
  8. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1678[/ATTACH]That Streamlight mount would work and clear the forend when reversed to keep the light from extending past the muzzle. One drawback is the teeth on the cap do not contact the ball. When it is held in place with an extension, the support clamp would keep the extension from turning, but your cap might not stay tight. It requires some grinding with a Dremel tool to lay flat and a hole drilled where the ball is. If you want to try the one I have, let me know.
  9. If you use the shotgun in a home defense situation, you will not notice the recoil at all. As for practice at the range, cowboy up! I usually shoot 2 3/4" field loads for practice with some 00 buck in the mix and always seem to be able to walk away to shoot another day. You might feel it in your shoulder later, but you will survive. I remind my daughter and son to keep it snug up against their shoulder and they never have a problem either. If you hold it loose, the felt recoil is increased.
  10. I had this Nitecore Extreme light and VLTOR Scout mount on hand and modified a Streamlight 69906 rail adaptor for the Super Nova Tactical. The rail adaptor was designed for an 870, but only took a few minutes and a Dremel tool to fit the Benelli. The single CR123 battery light has a setting for strobe or full bright when first clicked on and is very bright. The mount could be rotated under the barrel or reversed on either side to mount the light further back and still clear the slide. The flaw is it does not allow the detents on the cap to engage the ball, so I'm going another route.
  11. I check in here regularly and see you over on Bersachat too! You don't even have to own a Bersa to go there! They are a good bunch too.
  12. I think you would be fine shooting slugs with the IC choke installed.
  13. I sent a PM about the round limiter plug that came with the M2 is a steel rod that attaches in the end of the mag extension. Seem to recall the early HK M1S90 had an orange plastic plug that just slid in the tube like a dowel, but don't know about later M1 models.
  14. How much difference in length is there between the end of the muzzle and the end of the magazine tube? If only an inch or so, that's the full length extension, if 5"-6" that is the shorter one. If you have a full extension and not able to get more than 3 or 4 in it, maybe there is a plug installed preventing full capacity.
  15. If the grinding is on the edge of the ring on the barrel side, no problem, as long as it fits well over the mag tube. Thanks for the reply.
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