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Found 3 results

  1. I just got my first benelli (supernova) and I don't want to damage the camo coating when I clean it. I was thinking of using rem oil (with moisture guard) to do it all. Will that work? I wanted something to be able to put on the barrel in case of small nicks in the coating.
  2. billy g

    10 year clean

    Looking a bit of help. Been shooting the m1 super 90 (mancino) for just over 10 years. She's had the barrels, trigger mech and reciever cleaned but that been about it. Any way just taken to the wild fowling, got messed up pretty bad on the foreshore over the weekend resulting in first misfire. There was a lot of sand and grime got in and around the bolt and inot the recoil tube. After reading endless forums and feeling a tad guilty for not doing it before i thought i'd giver the mag and recoil tubes a good clean which am sure will solve the prob but cant work out how to get into the mag tube. Does the whole tube screw of from the reciever. The end of the tube mag is seemless with no nut to screw of. There seems to be a cap in place but ive tried removing with vice grips with no luck. before i make a mess of it with vice grips I wanted to be sure what am at. Any help be much apprciated. Billy
  3. As part of periodic cleaning, I would like to remove the recoil spring from my m4 and clean the inside of the recoil tube, plunger, and spring. Using snap-ring pliers, I am able to remove the retaining clip on the stock end of the recoil tube. Underneath this is what appears to be a threaded insert that would seem to accept a straight-edge screwdriver of the appropriate size. Do I just unscrew the insert with a (rather big) screwdriver? Is there a more appropriate tool for the job? How critical is the relative position of this insert in the recoil tube? I am guessing that is correctly loads the recoil spring, and is perhaps even adjustable to compensate for wear in the recoil spring. Any ideas/ thoughts?
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