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Found 2 results

  1. With the upcoming release of the US made hammer, I decided it is time to change the recoil tube on my M1014. I have ordered the recoil tube and began disassembly in anticipation. I could not get the recoil tube locking nut to budge. I followed similar steps to remove the magazine and had no problems. Apply heat, twist off. There was very little thread locker on the magazine. I would really like to remove my recoil tube without damaging the receiver. Anybody have first hand experience removing the recoil tube on an early M1014? This would be the American flag version with a date of production stamp from 2002. Any help, advice, or tips will be appreciated. Thank you
  2. As part of periodic cleaning, I would like to remove the recoil spring from my m4 and clean the inside of the recoil tube, plunger, and spring. Using snap-ring pliers, I am able to remove the retaining clip on the stock end of the recoil tube. Underneath this is what appears to be a threaded insert that would seem to accept a straight-edge screwdriver of the appropriate size. Do I just unscrew the insert with a (rather big) screwdriver? Is there a more appropriate tool for the job? How critical is the relative position of this insert in the recoil tube? I am guessing that is correctly loads the recoil spring, and is perhaps even adjustable to compensate for wear in the recoil spring. Any ideas/ thoughts?
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