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  1. billy g

    10 year clean

    Boys that’s fantastic bit of info, thanks for taking the time, much appreciated. Will give that a blast this evening and let you know how I fair. Read a fair bit about changing recoil springs, the gun is over 10 year old, is it worth doing now or would you blast away until it fails? It can be frightful getting spares in the UK. She has shoot everything from 2 ½” 26gm to 3” 56gm mags flawlessly so far, I’m pretty sure (hopeful) when she gets a proper cleaning it will be grand or at this age is it sensible to go ahead and change. O n a slightly different note when replacing the end
  2. billy g

    10 year clean

    Looking a bit of help. Been shooting the m1 super 90 (mancino) for just over 10 years. She's had the barrels, trigger mech and reciever cleaned but that been about it. Any way just taken to the wild fowling, got messed up pretty bad on the foreshore over the weekend resulting in first misfire. There was a lot of sand and grime got in and around the bolt and inot the recoil tube. After reading endless forums and feeling a tad guilty for not doing it before i thought i'd giver the mag and recoil tubes a good clean which am sure will solve the prob but cant work out how to get into the mag
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