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  1. I just received my SuperNova from being serviced for a misfiring issue where the firing pin strikes the primer too softly or not at all. I was not able to fire the shotgun since the middle of goose season. The notes from 5-2-16 said the gun was inspected and and firing properly and Benelli could not duplicate the issue. I doubt they tested my gun in the freezer so I was not surprised when I shot the gun yesterday (a 65 degree spring day in Kansas) but I have lost all trust using it in the field during the winter duck/goose season. I know there remains an issue with my gun since there was no repair made. Early in the season my gun was firing fine however, In the middle of a goose hunt I started having misfires and the gun has not fired during a hunt since. I cleaned the entire gun and inspected the firing pin and everything looked fine so I took it out for another hunt and same issue, the gun would not fire. It may be in issue where the SuperNova just can't handle the cold but I bought a Benelli over other brands because I believed it was the best gun for all conditions. I had to watch my 3 hunting buddies blasting geese as I sat there praying that the gun wouldn't misfire but all I was hearing was click after click. The other guns (a couple different brands and a SBE) where having no issues firing. This was only my second year using this gun that I bought brand new. I have lost all trust in my SuperNova and will not use the gun in the field anymore. I have read people having the same issue so I feel Benelli has to know about this problem with the SuperNova. I hope my story is helpful for people looking for a waterfowl gun, the SuperNova will simply not fire in the late season in my experiences.
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