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  1. Okay thanks! I didnt plan on shooting steel with a full so that will work. a lot of people I have talked to said its actually not a good idea to shoot steel out of a full.
  2. Hey guys I still havent recieved my supernova that was ordered over a month ago but rumor has it its supposed to be in tomorrow. just wondering if the chokes that come with it are rated for steel shot or if not cause if not ill just pick up some new ones.
  3. Same thing has happened to me.. Ordered it from the local shop (supporting the small businesses in mind) and I was told a week maximum time, well that was 2 weeks before christmas, still dont have my new gun. I call them and they try to find out where it is but it seems as if benelli or whoever there dealer is just doesnt answer or have an answer. They said it was there last one in stock so now If it has been shipped somewhere else or something Im out of luck. IM not frustrated with the local gunshop its not there fault. There benelli dealer Is just giving them the runaround. Just wish that my gun would get here sometime soon.
  4. I Just ordered my benelli but have previously shot remington 870's and 1187's, ithacas and what not ( too many to list) but never a 912 ( made by franchi right?) but in all the other shotguns i have shot there all smoothbore barrels, so find out if you have a smoothbore barrel or rifled first, then if you have a smoothbore you should get rifled slugs and for shooting them i have always used an Improved Cylinder choke. Hope this helped maybe get another opinion on it as well just to be sure!
  5. I just got my first benelli and I called about 5 Different shops, even dicks and bass pro shops. and nowhere had one in stock and said it would take 4 weeks to get one. lucked out at the last place on the list called them, they called there benelli rep and they only had one supernova left in the camo I wanted. Get to Pick it up today hopefully.
  6. tsw9240

    New Supernova

    Alright Thank you! Cant wait for it to get in. should be here tomorrow!
  7. tsw9240

    New Supernova

    Hey guys just got my first Benelli ever and i went with the supernova for now I had to ordder it in the camo I wanted and was wondering what the include with the gun such as choke tubes and a wrench? and does it come with a lock from them. I went with Realtree APG and a 24" barrel it will be used for hunting and shooting clays. Thanks!
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