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  1. Does this same picture apply to the Supernova?
  2. Thanks for the info Jackalope, I figured there might already be a thread out there. Happy shooting.
  3. Hello all, I am a left handed shooter with a right handed Supernova. Ive always shot a right handed shotgun so no complaints there, however I recently heard about being able to reverse the safety on a right handed gun to accomodate a lefty. It would be nice on those colder mornings when the finger tips get a little numb. Can anyone confirm/deny it and also does anyone know if Benelli has the directions posted online anywhere? Thank in advance.
  4. Im a proud new owner of my first Benelli (Supernova). For the most part I couldnt be happier with the gun. First time out shooting clays only clay dust hit the ground, first duck hunts this year yielded similar results. The only hang up I've come across is when using 3.5 rounds (getting ready for canadas), and it seems to be primarily associated with Blackcloud ammo. When I load 3.5 rounds, 1 chambered 2 in the mag (waterfowl plug in tube) and cycle them through, the last round in mag is stopped by a small prong near the loader plate. If I give the round a slight push forward, that prong retracts and the round cycles into the chamber like normal. I know Im not using all the right terms for parts here but if anyone knows whats going on I'd appreciate the advice. thanks Stay safe out there Brandon
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