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  1. I went out to shoot it a few times today and everything seemed fine besides for the elevator thing staying up when loading. No shells were ejecting out the bottom. But even though the elevator clicks it shouldnt cause any malfunctions or damage in the long run right? But i'll still bring it in to the dealer to get it checked out. Will it cost me anything extra if they have to order me another one?
  2. Okay so I tried it out without any shells in it. I pumped it once as if chambering a shell then i pushed the elevator up so that it clicked and stayed in the up position(which i guess is normal) like if i were to load shells into the magazine tube. So after that i turned the safety off and pulled the trigger. Then i gave it a full pump and the elevator popped back down. It ends up popping back down after pumping about a 1/2inch. So i'm guessing everything is ok right?
  3. I just bought a new supernova and noticed that when i load shells from the bottom into the magazine tube the lever thing clicks and stays in the upward position. When i chamber a shell it comes back down though. Is this normal? Im just wondering cause if I only had 1 shell left in the chamber and wanted to load a few more shells through the bottom the lever will end up staying up. Would that be normal? Im sorry if some of it is hard to understand, this is my very first gun ever and just wanted to make sure nothing is wrong with it.
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